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  • Hey, I didn't forget about that DJ Sprinkles vinyl rip... just haven't gotten around to the somewhat painstaking task of getting a 'good' vinyl rip.
    Hello, would you be willing to sell your decant of Tom Ford Noir de Noir or your Avignon and if so how much? thanks
    Hi nsamadi,

    Not sure where you are based but I noticed a comment you made a couple of years ago re. Pacific Fair, Robina. I am going to be in that neck of the woods end of the month and just wondered if you know of any interesting stores to visit nearby on the Gold Coast? I'm not after niche or modern stuff, just eternally hopeful that there are still some little old fashioned 'mom and pop' stores where a bit of digging around might turn up some vintage / old school stuff gathering dust :)

    Any thoughts most appreciated?


    Asked Susanne Raupach (of Elternhaus) if they will produce MoslBuddJewChristHinDao again and her reply was "yes !!!" Thought I'd share the good news :)
    Hey Nima,

    Just wanted to let you know that your 88 was sent today. Btw, I am pretty sure I included the SDV, but in the event that I forgot to toss in the sample in haste (was shipping 5 parcels today, and am not at home) I would be happy to ship it in a seperate, padded envelope as well as another sample or two.

    Let me know when you receive it!

    Hey, not sure if you noticed but Holt's now has the TF White Musk collection. I remember you telling us that you were interested at the meetup. I saw them at the women's frag counter. Not sure if they're at the men's as well.
    Hope all is well!
    Hi there, nice to meet you at the meetup! I'm glad a few people made it, we certainly did a thorough tour of the Holt Renfrew counters. And I'm not sure I would have gone into Chanel or Hermes by myself! (The Hermessences sure are... transparent. I have to put lots on to smell them. The SA was nice though!) Thanks again for the samples, I would have messaged earlier but I just got back from (chilly) camping.
    I would be interested in these scents:

    Le Labo Oud 27 - 5 ml
    CDG H&M - 10ml
    Can you give me total (in CAD maybe, I am in Calgary).

    My e-mail: remisr@email.lt

    I was on Scent Splits looking for Bond No 9 New Haarlem and I noticed you had a 10 mL available for $10.00 USD. I would like to purchase that if it's still available. I live in Vancouver, BC - hopefully that won't be a problem. I've never participated in a scent splt before so please let me know what I need to do.



    I'm interested in buying 2 Kyoto 5 ml decants that I saw on the wiki scent split page. How would I go about it, and how much would it be including shipping to Sweden?

    Hey there...I'd like to give you a positive trader feedback thing-y but I don't know how. Can you enlighten me? Thanks. Liz
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