• So, we missed each other! :) If it wasn't for their classic range, one should not even bother going there. I certainly wouldn't.
    I noticed! And I saw you had Iris Pallida on your test list. Which is your favorite iris so far?
    Thanks for the note and feedback-- and you haven't even gotten it yet! I tucked in a little sample of....nope, you'll have to wait and see. :wink:
    Giveway of a full bottle of oud caravan!

    Oud Caravan giveway. A full bottle of Oud Caravan to the author voted best post in the 3 oud threads (picture above).

    Anybody can vote, but should not vote for himself. So, invite all your Basenotes friends to join in and vote for you.
    The winner will chose what he prefers between the 3 versions of Oud Caravan.


    Invite all your Basenotes friends to vote and enter in the draw.
    Home from work to find *4* perfumes flung across the room by the earthquake. Fortunately I keep most of them inside a cabinet.
    Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes.
    Hi Nostalgie! I was actually born in New Orleans, but I suppose I've been in Milwaukee long enough to call myself a Wisconsinite...although anyone who hears my accent my be inclined to disagree, lol!

    Btw, I'm glad to see you posting again. I lurked for a few years before joining, and I always took note of your posts. It was one of yours actually that put the idea in my head that I needed to try Iris Ganache. If I recall correctly, you said you sampled it at the boutique and by the end of the day you had to return for a full bottle. So now I own it and love it and I have you to thank, and I thank you very much! :)
    Yep, tired here, as well. (But with your job responsibilities I can only imagine how much more tired I would be if I were you instead of me!)
    That's so cool that Turin read/commented on your blog! (hurrying back to it now to see what he wrote)
    Well, if you are anything like me, you are already dreaming longingly of the Thanksgiving break. Don't work too hard if you can help it, and take care!
    I enjoyed very much your blog about the Turin lecture. Wish I could have been there, but your insightful observations and descriptions were a consolation and the next best thing!
    Nice to hear from you! I had a pretty decent summer, thanks. How about you? I hope your summer was good.
    Raising an eyebrow a la Artie Johnson (who is well remembered by all us 55yos): "Verrrry interesting."
    Passing by to say "hello".

    I've been watching paintings by V van Gogh, and this one reminds me of Bob:

    He's very much missed.

    Have a good afternoon!
    I just read your Enjoy review:

    "Note to self: stop trying fruity florals; they're just not that into you."

    That's the funniest thing I have read in a long time!
    Thanks! It's always good to know where things are, even if they aren't anywhere near :)
    I'm working still, too, but it's only a little after 5 my time. We'll see if I end up working as long as you did today -- I might! :(
    Hey, thanks for your kind words on the Sniff and Speak thread! I answered you there, but I wanted to ask you where was that Jo Malone boutique you were shopping for your friends? I might be wanting to check out a Jo Malone boutique some time ;)
    I'll eat lots of chocolates for you my dear.
    Would you believe it's going to be 25 degrees celcius today!!! Good friday indeed!!
    I hope it's sunny out your way, so that you can go out for a lovely walk with your husband and your pouches.
    Dear Cheryl,

    We got back this afternoon from our Globe trotting...And I just wanted to touch base with you. I'm not tired because I really paced myself when I was there. And now coming home--there's Svetlana (our old cleaning lady-who is now our housekeeper) who has kept everything ship shape. Even Gracie comes and goes and rolls over to her orders in Russian.
    What a smart dog!! So, don't worry about me getting over tired.

    Cheryl, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny brings you some nice chocolates.

    Take care,
    Hello Cheryl,

    I'm in Redondo Beach visiting with my Mom and my brothers and their families. Tommorow-we are going to Beverly Hills where my cousin and I will hit the boutiques--clothes and perfume with the gusto of General Patton. I can't wait. TURN ME LOOSE.
    We will be home on Thursday.
    Till then, I am your smelly friend,
    Your review of Bal a Versailles is plain brilliant.
    Hi Cheryl,

    Lucy gave me a new pony. Check it out on my page. And please leave one of your pithy remarks.
    Hey, all! I've just deleted all the visitor messages that contained my name--out of forum habit more than anything else. Then I realized I could block access to the messages to my friends and contacts only--rendering that action unnecessary. Sigh. Too many different technologies in my life.
    I hope you are all having a lovely evening!
    @ taketheair: I kind of prefer the Scherrer EDP, I must admit, but I think both are special scents. Only for the very strong.
    I'll contact you about decants as soon as I get a break at work Things are pretty busy at the moment and the days have been long. Next week should be much easier.

    @Hillaire: Thank you! In my own private lexicon I think of Bambou as having a "shampoo" vibe (in a good way) and I think of Ma Griffe" , "Ivoire", et.al. as having a "soapy" vibe.
    Your Profile Picture is very, very lovely!
    I am glad to hear you enjoy Bambou! Funnily enough, I wear it as often as anything these days. It always seems to be the right thing to spray on after the bath! I am not sure how old my bottle is; it's not the newest one, but it is the one most prevalent on ebay in the hexagonal bottle. Therefore, I suspect it's not the pre-1991 formula delineated in the basenotes directory.
    Hi Nostaglie,

    Interesting! Thank you! Do you like the smoother or dirty/gritty better?
    Also, I have my vials!!! Have you looked at my wardrobe? I'm sending out a package in tonights mail and I'd love to pop some samples to send to you too!
    PM your address!
    taketheair: mine is light amber. Nuits is darker and more orange-sih. Scherrer 2 is darkest of the three.
    I also found a small manufacturer's sample of JLS EDP. It is the same light amber as the EDT. [And BTW it is a much gentler scent. The EDT smells kind of dirty, even gritty next to it]

    Is your Scherrer edt light colored or dark/amber colored? I've seen both on eBay and was wondering why the difference.
    Hi Nostalgie,

    Read your review of Scherrer. Which concentration do you have?

    I also PMed you but I'm not sure you got it.
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