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  • I don't know you but I just wanted to say..... I am truly amazed by the size of your wardrobe
    Hello, What a fantastic collection you have! I have a client who is interested in the Marta Roma by Battistone (80s). I am hoping to procure a smidgen from you so that I can do a scent match for her. I am not sure if you swap, but I have thousands of perfumes, many old and rare, so do let me know if there is anything you are hunting for. Kind Regards, Jana
    Just wanted to say I've learned a lot from your posts- not to mention how impressed I am with your gargantuan wardrobe... Keep sniffing and posting in good health.
    Hi Joe,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the swaps, (and buying - which boosted my budget). I had such a great time. You are a great companion. I wish we could have spent more time relaxing over beers / food, discussing all went too fast. It was a real shame about this rail and metro/bus strike, because we would have had another evening and the Saturday morning to chat over perfumes.
    I had a good trip back - discovered and bought the following :
    Phillaes 30ml edt spray.
    L´Uomo Trussadi edt 100ml spray, (the tomato leaf one).
    Balestra Homme 50ml edt splash (older style like the pic in Scent Direct - not the basenotes pic....this one must be a newer fragrance).
    Punjab 50ml edt spray.
    Revillon Pour Homme 50ml edt splash.
    Pierre Cardin Monte Carlo edt 50ml splash.
    I bought 2 or 3 of all of these, so if you would like any of them as swaps, please let me know.
    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the info. I wrote you a long detailed pm, but it seems to have I´m sending you the shortened version. Will try to be at your hotel Friday evening 18.30 - 19.30.
    I have phoned around 30 perfumeries on the outskirts of Milan, (with a friend of mine who speaks fluent italian - but no luck so far. I will keep trying over the next few days. David.
    Hi, Mad14. Good to hear from you! There are a few from Saudi here on Basenotes. There's at least one other expat like myself, perhaps two, and a few Saudi nationals. I don't know any of them, though, except through Basenotes.
    hey brother .. glad to see someone from the samy country !!

    كيف الحال ؟
    Manny, there have been several others who have also asked about King Fahd blend, and it is something that I am also interested in. Unfortunately I have not been able to find it here in Saudi Arabia. I have checked several local Arabian Oud shops and I asked a Saudi friend to check some shops in Riyadh. So far none of them have had King Fahd. I don't know why, perhaps it is a UK exclusive or something.
    Hi Noggs, Would you happen to know if Arabian Oud's Kings Fahad Blend is available in KSA? So far it only seems obtainable from their London site for around $3000 per tola (!!!).
    Thanks! -Manny
    Thanks for the information about it. Appreciate it. Well, I enjoy wearing it, so it's a good copy of Fendi, probably the newer version.
    Hi, can you help me identify something? If you go on my page I have a photo of a perfume oil my husband send from kuwait today. What's the red Arab writing? Do you know? He was told it was Fendi (it's an oil), was 30.00 and it came from Switzerland. It smells fruitier than the Fendi I remember from 24 yrs ago, but it's real nice (I have it on now). Do you think they are selling real Fendi, or a copy? Thanks, Eliza
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