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  • In the southern states of Australia we tend to get fixated on AFL at this time of year, which is a very different game to any other world game!
    I will definitely be purchasing in future, I tried to get it when it was released but Australia got a very delayed launch
    My collection is locked up away from light and temperature fluctuations. It is always a challenge keeping a large collection preserved and secure.
    Nick, with all the liters you have, how do you store them? Do you keep them in their boxes away from all sources of light? What about temperature fluctuation?
    Thanks for the feedback as I used this one in high school and I wanted to check it out, but I heard it was very different from the one I used back in high school. Your delineation of it as helped me tremendously. Great " trio"of purchases there btw. Enjoy, mate. Have a great day! Paul H.
    I only have a very faint memory of the original that my brother owned 25 years ago. To me, they seem in the same ballpark. The new one opens with a fantastic citrus accord that is similar to a lot of neroli heavy colognes but this one is a touch less dry than normal. After 20 minutes the citrus accord disappears deep into the background and you are left with a dominant combination of nutmeg, cloves and oak moss which is very 80s, very musculine. To me, the drydown is not so leas ant because I am not a fan of these notes at the best of times. And unfortunately projection during the drydown is average. I only tried this one at home so will have to give it a wearing in public to form my final opinion. If it doesn't please me then, it may find itself for sale on the bay.
    Nick, does the Armani Eau Pour Homme compare to the original? Thanks, mate. Paul H.
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