• Neurosis, my inbox is kinda clean right now. I've purchased 30ml of Tobacco Vanilla to a fellow basenoter. Anyway, your 30ml bottle is pretty, where did you get it?
    Hey, Neurosis.
    I've come out of fragrance hibernation back onto Basenotes recently.
    I see you've acquired Tobacco Vanille, and I must know what you think of it.
    I've been considering purchasing it, but is it really worth the $3.80 per mL?
    You and I share a love of A*Men and sweet, delicious fragrances.

    I'd be honored to add you as a friend.
    Thanks a lot for your guide!

    I know Pure Malt's a limited edition, but I heard Mugler was going to bring it back?
    Greetings, fellow fan of A*Men! I've enjoyed my experience in the last month with A*Men, and I'm thinking of expanding my reach into the range, but unfortunately, I have yet to test any of them. Could you possibly inform me (if you've tried any) about A*Men Pure Malt/Pure Coffee, B*Men, or Ice*Men, and the availability/price? Thank you in advance!

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