• Happy birthday!

    Tesla rocks! I am free energy guy!
    I was wondering if you knew any local perfume makers who would like to use my Hypnotizing.com as a website? Currently there is no website but I want to help out a local perfume maker. I know the domain is a great name for perfume. I am not asking for money but just to invest in someones creation.
    So if you know someone who could benefit and has a great fragrance kindly email me at brad@HydrogenLLC.com
    Thank you.
    Missed posting yesterday - Happy belated birthday wishes to a most intelligent guy!

    Do you know that we share the same birthday date ???
    I 've just learned :)
    Best of Birthday Wishes!
    I know, you knew, that I would bite in the Midnight Poison thread,
    but, I hope somebody, who is better at describing scents, will react

    All Hail Monsieur Dior ... ;)
    Thank you for accepting my friendship request!!!
    Best Wishes,
    Happiest of Birthdays, N_Tesla! :birthdays: To many more interesting posts, a most eccentric and brilliant engineer, and a darned good band, if I do say so myself. :beer::) Have an awesome day!
    According to Google, today is Nikola Tesla's birthday! So Happy Birthday, N_Tesla! :birthdays: :)
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