• Sending you a belated "thank you" for your kind birthday messeage.
    I have been abroad and having a break from social media etc.
    I had a great day spent on a beach on the Cote d'Azur being waited on hand and foot.

    Best Wishes.

    Thank you!!!!

    I had a blast & best of all my Blues won the Stanley Cup.
    I do have a favorite episode of Angel-- "Through the Looking Glass." It has my favorite line of the whole series, perfectly delivered by Amy Acker--

    Fred: "That other girl. I couldn't save her. I was arrested. They got her. She's a slave. She'll die!"
    Angel: "Oh. Cordy. No, she's fine. They made her a princess."

    Fred: "They... Really? - Oh. (Looks down) When I got here they... They didn't do that. - Well. That's nice for her."

    I was a big Buffy/Angel fan back in the day as well. Fine TV times. You two have good taste--which I already knew.
    Oh, yes, Hush was genius, frightening and sooo funny -- I'm thinking of Buffy's stabby pantomime motion being misinterpreted. Anything pushing Spike out of character was either funny or deeply touching. Willow turning evil and her eyes turning black was shocking new stuff for tv back then. Angel was good most of the time, but paled in comparison to BtVS. There was very little "reality tv" back then, so writers actually developed storylines and scripts. Right now there are so many 1-dimensional Marvel and DC superheroes, the word "hero" has become watered down.
    Guilty as charged, N.CAL. Whedon's creativity made me a lifelong fan, even though his Marvel movies seemed more action than his usual clever stuff. You were probably a young'un during the original airing of Buffy, so you probably related to its characters more as peers, yeah? It was one of our daughter's fellow high school friend who got us hooked. I'll further confess that the complete Buffy set is/are the only DVDs we own.
    Hey N. CAL. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll clear up some spaces and let you know. Thanks.
    Swimmingly! Wearing Bois de Santal for the second time tonight. It's instantly rivaling Baie de Genièvre for my favorite from the house, although I try not to be too hasty about such decisions. What a fantastic sandalwood fragrance. Seriously good. Up there with vintage Samsara for the most realistic sandal note I've ever smelled. I have no doubt this is contains some the real stuff. Surely some sandal-replicating ACs as backup, as all of them did back then, but it is a hell of a sandal note.

    Bois de Santal and Aubépine-Acacia coming up in the thread shortly :)
    Omg, I totally forgot! Thank you! And a belated Happy BN Anniversary to you, too!:beer:

    Re Mexique and UBV, well they're so different. The SL is just right when I want rich and dark. And of course that cool goth vibe found in the older SLs. It has its own personality and I love it! I also doubt that I'll ever have to be without it; plenty out there and I imagine it's a good seller for them. Last time I saw Mexique they were asking $250-something for it!:shocked: Mexique just can't do for me what UBV does. But yes, I probably love Mexique just a tad more. That's a Guerlain Girl for ya!:grin:
    That happens to me often-the house will smell so good I just get caught in a rosy loop! A nice place to be! I bet Damarose works well in the heat. I am not in a rose today but did think of you when I spritzed! I'm in our precioussss, Mexique! Yum!
    Could you smell me Friday night? cestrum did the Rose Jam/Rose Flash combo too! There was probably a rosy fog hanging over the entire continent, thanks to us.:grin: You went above and beyond as Syncmaster! So many roses! Sooo indulgent! Nice to have so many beautiful roses on hand, yes?:thumbsup:
    You smell frickin awesome!!! I was going to be your twin, but had some interference. Will explain in the sync thread. I think you'll still be happy with me.:wink:
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