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  • Rumor has it that today's your birthday. Wherever you are, I hope it's a grand one. Still missing you around here.
    Hi peeps. All healthy but life is quite mad. I'm going to clear up my perfume den soon. I'll be back when I can concentrate. xxx
    Mumsy, I wish you'd check in and let us know you & yours are okay in this crazy time. I think about you and all the crumblies you're taking care of. Hope you're taking care yourself as well!
    Wherever you are, I hope you're having a wonderful birthday and I hope you come back to us soon!

    Wish you a very happy birthday! :smiley:

    Happy to help.
    Yes reading the instructions manual is a good idea. I spent almost two hours reading the one that came with my scales after it turned off on me halfway through a brew!... So I know it must have been very frustrating for you.
    Hiya. Just saying hiya. Busy geting the new house ready to move in. How is your mum?
    I don't know, actually. I just keep seeing your comments in the DIY forum. You and Chris Bartlett are both in lots of threads there with so much useful info. I don't post often there since I'm just starting to dabble, but I read there a lot.
    I have gotten into unisex fragrances as well as the masculine ones. I just love some of the feminine fragrances on me.
    I wore your Jean Louis Scherrer yesterday and it was GREAT! I really enjoyed it. It got a wee buzz on SOTD too. Ta!
    Thanks Mumsy. I tried to smile for the camera but my bathing suit was sooooo tight.... ;)
    Thank you for the friend request and the kind words...I recently joined this site but it's great to finally talk to people who are just as passionate about perfume/fragrances as i clearly am lol.
    Hi Mumsy, Smellies going well, but wish I had more time to do it. Seem to be spending more time cooking at the moment though, which of course, also smells nice!!!!
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

    Hi there, I noticed your post about perhaps selling on smaller quantities of your perfumers alcohol you purchased. I would be interested in price and quantities if still available. thanks carmen.

    Your birthday's on Monday? So glad to know :)
    Wish you have a nice upcoming weekend my dear :)
    See you on Monday :) :) :)
    Hi mumsy :)

    I had a look in your wardrobe!It's own COTY's CHYPRE !!!WOW!!!
    It's unbelievable!!!I would like so much to try it :)
    Gave you FB, hon. And not to worry, the note I sent along can only be seen by thee and me (and Grant, but hey). :)
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