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  • Hey Mudassir, I think we have somrthing in common. I will reveal through a pm if my hunch comes to be known to me as being true.

    Best Regards Ron
    Hey Mudassir, Thanks for the wonderful service and fast shipping on the Pure Malt. I just got it in the mail yesterday, great packing job as well. I bought this for a freind of mine but after testing it, I think im going to add it to my collection, soooooo nice. Thanks again.
    Hi Mudassir -- I enjoyed meeting you! And I wore my new/old Iris Beu Gris yesterday -- wow, you were exactly right about it, it IS rootier (and earthier) than the new formulation. I wore one one on each arm, the old made the new feel a bit thin... sad... (but oddly, the new had better longevity. I'll have to compare them again, since maybe that was due to applying a different quantity. ?)
    Anyway, thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting with you and talking a bit about 'fumes as well as learning a bit about you. (Also thanks also letting me test your lovely Amouage!) Cheers, CRose

    I found your name on makeupalley. I am trying to find the wiki split page, but it seems to be down. I also cannot find the link for the google splits. Are you able to help me? I'd really appreciate it. I'm currently interested in le labo jasmin 17 and musk 25 as well as Ormond Jayne Champaca and Sampaquita. Thank you,

    Mudassir - your inbox is full, but I wanted you to know I received your package today and have left you positive feedback.
    Hello .. I like the hatchet man for perfume INDIFFERENCE .. Can you tell me how to do on the site and if possible .. THANK YOU
    Can't seem to figure out a way to leave feedback for you yet since the update. Is it possible?
    I received the two decants. Thank you.
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