• I read on of your post concerning neroli. I have mugler cologne which I love. Which of these suggestion you gave have a similar scent to MC? Thanks
    Tried to send another PM ie the swap offer but mailbox is full. Am definitely interested just need to know what ML samples you were thinking for La Nuit EDP and Dior Intense
    Yo yo! Got your package much to my excitement, thanks a lot man.
    Initial thoughts - Saks for Him smells like a balanced, improved Lolita Lempicka 2.0 I kind of have a hard time liking it but I think that might change. My madre liked So New York, which, incidentally, spilled while in transit which is pretty funny since that's good to be the strongest of the bunch.
    Everything else is actually fairly uneventful. I now see why people dislike the house. Of all the scents that I've now sampled New Haarlem is still the best and most unique all-around deal.
    Ah shit nigga. That's lame. I know you're a player though so I'll keep my psuedo-condolences to myself. I'm glad the stuff wasn't lost though cause I would love nothing more than to try it all out. Getting some money at the beginning of next semester and I'm planning on revamping my wardrobe entirely.
    Hey broseph. Any news on that package? I don't care, juts curious what could have happened to it.
    I am interested in your Bulgari Aqua. To offer as trade is 4 oz. Eau De Grey Flannel about 95+% full or Tommy Jeans 3.4 oz. about 90% (I think, could be mistaken. I'll have to take a look when if your interested. I have it put away).

    Also, I have DKNY Red Delicious 3.4 about 95% full that I would be willing to trade for your Armani Code, Polo Blue, or Unforgivable if you are interested.

    Just let me know either way.
    alright, I'll just post here instead. Re: our swap, I've got your stuff (Boss Bottled and extra atomizers) all packed up and ready to ship. I'm going to the post in the next few days so I'll have this stuff sent off to you then. M.C.
    Hey there lonewolf!! u seem to have adequate knowledge on scents and i was curious what perfume you like best on a woman? i am interested in purchasing some that would turn my boyfriend on =)
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