• Hello. I really like your take on Crule Intentions by Kilian it's my favourite fragrance right now. I would also like to see your youtube reviews if possible could you send me a link. Thanks in advance and have a great day
    I was just in the chat but got kicked off. Wanted to tell you that I never miss your reviews. They are clever and incisive. Lookforward to many more.
    Thank you :) I had fifteen years at the photo, i found it here and thought it would make a great avatar.
    Hope that you enjoyed your new year ;)

    I wish to all my friends a wonderful 2011!

    Price isn't what makes something niche, although many will disagree on this point. It is the market share of the house, and the size of their distribution. Hermes boutiques are in many locations, and their fragrances (except the Hermessence line) are available through many retailers. I would call Hermes a designer fragrance house, and the Hermessece line an exclusive boutique line; but I do not consider Hermes a niche house at all.
    Is Hermes a niche house??? I know that terre de hermes and eau d'orange verte seem to be at designer price, but the hermessence line (Vetiver Tonka, Ambre Narguile) seem to be niche. Thanks.
    Just wondering if you've discovered that hidden gem of hard-to-find fragrances known as Bushard Pharmacy on Forrest Avenue in Laguna Beach? It looks like a nice, old fashioned pharmacy, but step inside and gaze upon their wall o' scents.
    "I also sent Creed an email asking if the products being sold through these companies was authentic, rather than deal with opinion and conjecture about the subject. Not really as big of a deal as all that. If anyone is interested in whether Creed responds and what they say, you can ask me"

    I would be interested in how Creed responds to you.
    I just noticed that someone said you have a youtube channel. I watch robes08, an TIM, and everyone else all the time. how can i see your videos?
    Interesting...... I am definitely newer to this than you... what do you consider to be niche, like at what price does a fragrance become "Niche", or his a whole house considered niche?
    sorry... its just that one of the fragrances you said was one of you best discoveries of this year cost $700.
    Can't wait for your next YouTube review. Though my wallet doesn't think so. Already I've bought Egoiste and L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme on the basis of your videos!

    Also, your review here of Kouros is an absolute model of balance on such a polarising fragrance. There is some fine writing on Basenotes. Your reviews fall very much into that category.

    Best wishes
    Great God in Heaven, man! How anyone could possibly perceive your illustrative replies as NEG-a-TIVE :rolleyesold: It defies common sense and comprehension. :huh:
    Nuf said. Carry on.
    I just love your reviews! I am pretty sure I have blind bought something on more than one account from reading them! I would be honored to be your friend, sir :)
    So talented! Saw your vocal performance links on YouTube... oh, that took me back...(I was a vocal music and piano student some years back. I sang some very simple baroque Arias... My mother is an accomplished pianist and composer and I was attempting to follow in her footsteps. Now design eLearning so that didn't happen!)... Anyway, loved listening to the YouTube music... and your voice is spot-on, very period, very nice.
    Just a short note to let you know I love your YouTube fragrance reviews! Thanks for sharing your considerable expertise in such an accessible way.The Kong and Goo vignettes are very entertaining also :).
    Yes sisr, I stumbled upon it while looking at your profile. WOW you can sing. As an admirer of music, It was a pleasure to hear your work. Please post more, or email me some mp3s :)
    I have to tell you that I am sincerely amazed at your beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing. I am interested in hearing more please.
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