• Hey M,

    How's it going? When are you heading up here?

    Also, not sure if you received my previous message... Maybe my inbox was full. Anyway, I have a musician friend who'd like to meet you. If you're up for it of course and if you have the time.

    Ta from a hot and humid Shanghai...

    Thanks, Mr R. Just what I'm looking for! I've peeked around at some of the other blogs and sites but want to be a bit less random in my search. Have landed one or twice on grain de musc and found it very interesting. Will dig further. And a book to follow!

    The moment I started the thread I worried i'd phrased it wrong and might have started something comparative/competitive. I'm really just looking for help from those who know more abt this than i do. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. Best, jtd.
    Too early to set up a Mathilde Laurent / Cartier Les Heures group here on Basenotes... Thanks for accepting my friendship invitation. The Cartier sales agent spoiled me with no less than 10 samples of Les Heures. The only one I don't have is L'Heure Promise if you have a spare one and are looking for a swap with L'Heure Defendue... :beer:
    I saw that you tried to send me a PM. I have already cleaned my inbox, you should be able to do it now. Thank you and sorry for the incovenience!
    Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoy. I appreciate the support. I just decided to start writing. More to follow.
    Thanks very much indeed. I promise I'll post more reviews when I've had a chance to sample some more scents ;-)

    By the way, you'll find a lot more perfume-related writing on my blog: www.persolaise.com
    Hi Morton,

    sorry it took me long to reply to you. I actually did but forgot to post it on your message box (did on mine instead lol) thanks for yr message. I moved to Hong Kong in early Dec. 2009 and set up my own company here. (coming from Vienna).
    I am very often on plane on biz trips but on weekends I am usualy in HK.
    Great to see more members from HK in here.

    Farhad (Adesor)

    Read more: http://www.basenotes.net/members/35097-Adesor#ixzz0qkL92FbG
    Hi Mr. R

    Today i got the L'eau Lutens too,
    and just wanna let you know Havery Nichols has a promotion going
    $100 off -each $1000 purchase, $200 off - $2000 and so on..

    HI there and thank you!!

    Actually didnt know they have l'eau Serge Lutens at Shiseido til i saw your post.
    It was nice especially as we approaching the humid summer day here soon.

    Would be nice to join the next gathering, as a newbie in the fragrance world myself, that would awesome to learn more from you guys!

    FYI, État Libre d'orange Perfumes is now available at Seibu Pacific Place Loft area, 50ml is $590. Unfortunately, they don't have the full range.
    Thanks M, I went to UNO MAS and tried Pims today with a splash of sprite. The tapas there are great, must take you there!
    Thanks, M. I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, Harvey Nichols Guerlain will be having a double points promotion from the 26th to 29th.
    Hi, I'm interested in the HK meetup on the 29th. I'm currently based here for work, but have spent most of my life in the US. Hope to learn more about the local spots and about perfume in general. I can be contacted through PM or by mobile at 6779 8413.


    Best regards,
    Ray Chung
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