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  • Hello from Austria!
    Could you, please, PM me what L'Heure Bleue, Guerlain exactly you are selling and for what price?
    Thank you in advance
    Thank you MO for the Lorenzo Villoresi Donna which arrived safely - spot on perfume and I'd definitely purchase from you again.
    Well, I suppose you do more swapping than me...I think it was Carolina Herrera Ginger I got from you... but don't you ask me what I sent you...- yet, the Carolina Herrera is still in my collection, nice scent - and haven't found it anywhere else.
    Hi Mo,
    I think the two of us did some swaps on Fragrantica last year. Nice to see you here... I'm new to the site and not yet familiar with all its brilliant features.
    Hi Moreda,
    How are you? I'm Alistair (a girl). I work for this groovy niche company in Australia called Christopher Hanlon®. I'm trying to get a few basenote friends.'s shaking your hand + saying hello! We have our shaving crème in this months Russian GQ (Feb 2010). Please have a look. I have'nt seen the real magazine yet just a PDF I was sent. I'm sure it's in France too.

    Kindest Regards,
    + Christopher Hanlon
    Hello Moreda,

    I've read that some time ago you had some
    Vintage Tabarome to sell.
    Is that still current?

    Best regards,
    Sorry Mo! You snooze, you lose! :-D
    Hi Mo. I have not received yet Lime,,, should be here soon.
    Tauer is... hmmmmm hard to understand and to love but it can grow on me
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