• A belated welcome to Basenotes MonkeyBars
    I'm enjoying your posts and the enthusiasm therein. Happy hunting for your intensely bitterly green scent!

    knit at nite
    Hi again,
    "Intensely bitterly green" -- sounds good. I'll look again at the comments you've received in your thread, comment on any and think about others. I'm traveling at the moment but will do this later this week. Cheers!
    Hi MonkeyBars, thanks for the question. I've seen the thread and thought about answering. I hadn't answered because although I like green scents, I don't know much about "animalic" scents. however, I'll think about it and may have some recommendations along the "powerful" if not exactly animalic styles. One I can think of right away is Eloge du Traitre by ELDO. It is similar to Yatagan, but has more pine and is a bit drier. I'll look at my inventory and send you a short list in a couple of days. Cheers, ody
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