• My dear Mimi thanks for your birthday wishes. All the good for you and for your loved ones :thumbsup::kiss:
    My belated birthday wishes! Hope that everything is fine for you and your nearest and dearest and that you fully enjoy this special moment. All the best!
    Hey, looks like people are leaning towards September in LA for a meet up, would that work for you or is it too close to yoga time?

    I edited, I just said 'someone else is thinking of going to LA in the spring' who may be otherwise busy in October or November Thought I'd let you comment on there instead of me doing it..just in case you'd rather have it that way.:) Hugs!!!! Though, I think people can see visitor messages..oh well, I am trying to be polite nonetheless!:D.
    Hope it's ok with you, sorry if it wasn't...but I posted on that thread that you might be interested in attending a BN meetup in LA. Sorry again if you didn't want me to post that yet! One in the spring would work better for you right? As you have your yoga stuff in the fall/winter? Many hugs!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo
    Hey Mimi! Did you happen to see the thread about the BN meet up for '14? Would you be interested in attending in the locations we've mentioned so far? People seem to be leaning on LA? I know you like those road trips!!! And if I could somehow make it *ugh, LA* lol.. I'd looooooooooove to meet you!
    Mims, see Judith's message on today's SotD thread. In the meantime I will email you instead - check your inbox soon. xx
    Mims, your inbox is full - can you clear a little space so I can drop you a PM.
    Thanks :thumbsup:. Jon. xx
    Clear some space in your pm box, Mims! I tried to send you a new year's greeting but your inbox is full. I hope that you and yours are well. Happy New Year! xo
    Mims, just to let you know I don't appear to have got the text with your new number. Must have got lost in the system somewhere.

    Love Jon. xxx

    edit - looks like i got it after all. Will be in touch soon.
    Mimi, Sorry about disappearing, I haven't been around in a long time, and just now thinking about coming back more often. What's been going on at Basenotes these past six months. LOL, that's a big question. Fragrances, frankly, have been back burner for me pretty much this year. All's well, generally, but I have been terribly busy.
    Hi ((Mimi)) - I just dropped by to say hello and give you a hug! I understand you'll be leaving for SE Asia soon (sigh...things are never quite the same when Mims is away) so I'm sure you're very busy and stressed, but I wanted to remind you that we're all thinking of you with great love and affection. Take a breather, spritz some beautiful perfume, and always remember that this is your house, lol! ;)
    Hello, Mimi :) Thanks for checking on me. I'm still around- as uninteresting as ever. I hope you are well and keeping cool. (hugs).
    Tough and sexy, woah.
    Send me a message when you are in Belgium... :eek:
    There are some great perfumeries in Brussels.
    Mims, you poor girl. I had migraine for many years, so i know how you feel. It is an awful affliction. I grew out of mine in my mid thirties!! It happens.
    Hello Mimi! What a wonderful new avatar you have. Truly a "hat woman" as is written in your description under the nickname.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Hi, Mimi---thanks for the welcome!

    The latest word is that POL will be down for another two weeks or so. I do want to be more active at BN since these software issues are leaving me feeling a bit homeless--I feel like I need to find a new foster family!

    Thanks, Mimi, instead of going to school, my daughter went right back to bed and is still sleeping 6 hours later. I guess she needed it! I have a pot of chicken soup simmering for when she wakes up.
    Now I can tell you about the place I belong
    You know it won't last long
    And all those lights they will turn down
    Now I can see things for what they really are
    You know I'm not that far
    I'm at the point of no return
    Just watch me burn . Madonna. Let It Will Be.
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