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  • No problem! :happy: I'm not normally much of a layering fan - most of the combinations that I sniff turn out to be unremarkable. But there are a few combinations that have wowed me, and I don't hesitate to recommend them. BdC/EP is certainly one of them. And thanks for helping to spread the word on Eau Première! Very happy that another BNer has discovered how great it is!
    Yes - I just layer about equal amounts of both. Maybe a little more of one or the other, depending on how I'm feeling on it. I generally find that a single perfumer's works won't clash (more often than not) when mixed. Some layerings work better than others, but this combo works really, really nicely for me. It has a total Chanel vibe, but it brings in distinct features from both frags at the same time. Very nice. It's sort of my "do-it-yourself Chanel no. 5 Pour Homme".

    Definitely give it a try. It really hits a sweet spot in style. :thumbup:
    Thanks, Mike! :smiley: Yes, that is one beautiful scent. WAAAY too good to let the ladies have all the joy of that one - I'd gladly trade several bottles off the men's rack for it. It goes well with nicer clothes for a guy, but sometimes I mix it up with Bleu de Chanel for normal wear, and it's less formal, but quite spectacular. The plus on that one is that absolutely nobody is wearing anything like it - the freshness and sportiness of Bleu, the beauty and no. 5 class of Eau Première, and the modernity of both.

    I'm really looking forward to Shalimar Parfum Initial after your review and purchase. I'm hoping to get out to the boutique later this year. There's another scent that rules, big-time. Yes, doing well - thanks! And thanks for stopping by! :beer:
    Thanks for accept the friendship offer. I'm sure there will be more Clive Christian discussions to come.
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