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  • Hi there, I sent you PM re your Italian Cypress split but haven'i heard back from you,,,
    Cheers, Scott
    Daniel I am new to the friends and family function on Paypal just let me know how to navigate it. Thanks! Also, my mail isn't responding to well either this morning but I would like One of each 50ml of Amber Absolute & Noir De Noir.
    thanks for responding anyway, the post isn't that old at all, yesterday I think... I'm sure I will find it eventually... just out of curiosity, have you moved on to another sandalwood fragrance?
    Hahahaha! I didn't think I gave you roses! Rosehavn did...well, that was sweet of her.
    Here's a pic I took in Vancouver B.C. across the Capilano Bridge :

    Master Classer! Man, not sure what happened, but my deepest and sincere appolgies! I've been out of commision and mia for a few months now. I'm back in action and if I owe you anything, let me know???
    Hello There! I'm a little new at this game, but looking forward to learning a lot and sharing what I can with the community here...
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