• Hello Mario,

    Just a quick note to say hi to a new BN friend. I enjoy reading your posts and reviews very much. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Take care,

    Oh Mario!Unemployment !!!Greece is too expensive living!!!Strikes are usual here!
    I hope we do well until 2013 and you come to Aegean and we meet in Chios :)
    Wouldn't this be so lovely ;)
    Yes, it's called The Unemployment Diet and about 1/4 of California is on it :)

    As soon as I get employment I shall save my pennies for a trip to Europe (2013?) I'll include The Aegean of course-and I hope Greece will be open. I've heard that it's on a general strike at present.

    May we all have better days to come1
    I am very glad you like the song :)
    I am wearing Cabaret by Gres,today!That's why i picked this song :)



    *Birthday Kisses*
    Oh, Friend Mario! A kindred spirit! :)

    Been offboard working hard, but what a nice welcome back to Basenotes. Thank you! :)
    It is so LOVELY POST Mario of the MOST WONDERFUL silent movie!

    Have a WONDERFUL Weekend my friend :) :) :)
    Hi Mario, thanks for the posting about my reviews. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Cheers, ody
    I shall check those out. But I've already sniffed Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe and I wasn't particularly impressed - unlike, say, New Haarlem, the coffee in BVC just kind of sticks out to me. It also doesn't develop a whole lot when I wear it. It's a flat kind of an uninviting fragrance to my nose :(

    Still waiting on Borneo 1834 though, to continue on with the whole coffee thing.
    Well, all this Antaeus talk.

    I finally got my hands on a sampler. The initial blast is somewhat offputting to a youngster like myself. It does mature into something, well, mature afterwards however. You were right about a 19 year old being able to pull it off although I think I'm going to roll with some slightly more playful and edible scents for a while.

    That being said, I can't see why not return to it at a later time to see if my tastes have changed. Thanks for the recommendation.
    "My Antaeus can beat up your Armani." -Mario Justiniani

    i'm testing Antaeus right now.. anda.. u're right... awesome fragrance.. thanks!
    MANY thanks for the concerti...sigh. Am sussing the Moonlight Sonata - the one he so badly savaged. More in a p.m. kisskisskiss

    I've seen several of your reviews on frags I've been wanting to check out, as a newbie looking for a unique fragrance in the world of acqua di gios and ushers.

    Could you expand on what you thought of Antaeus? Is it wearable by a younger crowd? (19)

    Thanks man
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