• Patchouli leaves, Black Aoud, Blue Amber, Oud Cuir d'Arabie, and Aoud lime.

    I am a fellow Basenoter and I would like to order samples of these.
    Can you let me know how to order them?
    hey Vijay

    How are ya? Heard you sell Montale exclusively to members here. I'm after Blue Amber (mini or sample) for now.

    Hi Vijay.

    I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago about purchasing Montale samples from you but never received a reply. I don't know if that is because you have been inundated with people asking you about Montale or if you don't ship samples anymore.

    If you should still do this, I would be grateful if you could let me know how I can order them from you. I am interested mainly in the Montale samples, especially the ouds, but if you could recommend any others too, then I am keen to try as well.

    Michael ( Beau Mode Arome)
    Hello! I am basenoters from Lithuania (Balvon). How could I order the samples of Montale with you?


    Arvydas Jocius
    Hello there! I'm a base note user- Dark Rain 22

    I'm not so sure if you would have the samples that I'd like to request, but here it goes..

    *Rive Gauche Pour Homme- Yves Saint Laurent
    *Gucci Pour Homme (the first one)
    *DKNY- Be Delicious for men
    *Lolita Lempicka- Au Masculin
    *Kouros Cologne Sport- Yves Saint Laurent
    *Dior Homme, Aquolina- Blue Sugar
    *Gucci- Envy
    *Creed- Silver Mountain Water
    *Lacoste- Style and Play
    *Dolce and Gabanna- The One
    *Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male
    *Creed- Green Irish Tweed
    *Creed- Himalaya
    *Carolina Herrara- 212
    *Yves Saint Laurent- M7

    15 for $26???
    Sounds like fun to me!
    Lemme know some of the details, payment and what not.
    I look forward to doing some transactions with you! :)

    Any chance you have any Muscs Koublai Khan on hand, or can refer me to a place/site where I might purchase a bottle?
    Hi Vijay- just wanted to thank you for the amazing Sweet Oriental Dream- recommended by lovely Basenoters actually! i am officially in LOVE with this and now wonder which Montale will be my next! love all the samples and thank you again!!
    what can you tell me about the Goldskin scent?
    janedaly2 on MUA
    Hi Elizabeth,

    You are most welcome :).
    Thanks for letting me know that you got it on time. Jasmin Full was the first scent I got from the Montale line when I had my store. As far as longevity , it lasts a long time and the sillage is great. I think you need to give it a second try tomorrow and start fresh without having anything else on. Your nose may have adjusted to the scent and given up LOL !!. My sister used to wear it and it lasted a whole day on her. Give it a second try.

    I am glad you love it.

    Please let me know how the second try worked out.


    Hello Vijay!
    Well, I just got today's mail and lo and behold there was your package in ship-shape condition, awaiting my greedy paws! I couldn't wait to open it because I had JUST found my A La Nuit (Serge Lutens) and had put it on my forearm to test. So when your package arrived I went right to the Jasmin Full to compare the two. I'll get to that in a second.

    But, seriously, you didn't have to include so many extra samples! Thank you so much--I can't wait to try them all. Thank you for your graciousness, truly.

    Now. Jasmin Full. It is honestly THE best jasmine soliflore I have personally experienced. It is the jasmine I've been looking for, without the harsh indolic burn your nose experience with other jasmine scents. It smells like the jasmine sambac essential oil (the really expensive good stuff that I can only afford in droplets from Nature's Gift) except better, somehow, better. There is just one thing, though--I'm not sure about it's sillage and lasting power. I don't know if it's just me or not, but it seems to disappear unless I've got my nose right up to my arm. I used almost half the vial too! It's the kind of thing, though, that I'd live with because Montale got the scent right, finally. I cannot stay with my Bulgari Femme, even though it has the jasmine sambac scent to a degree, because it just gets soapy, over abundant, and smells too *department store*. A la Nuit is too indolic, as is Keiko Meicheri's. This one, Jasmin Full, is that blooming sweet jasmine like in jasmine tea that I personally love. It smells purple, not white. Which I love. If that makes sense. Wish the sillage could compete with the A la Nuit on my forearm, really, because I could bathe in Montale's jasmine. What do you know of the sillage and lastingness issues? Has my nose just gone numb, or is it really as fleeting and skin-close as it seems? I'd love your opinion.

    If I have any room left, I'll keep sampling some more, and ultimately post my thoughts on the Montale thread. But really, this is a lovely jasmine scent. What a perfumer.

    Thank you so so much,
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