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  • Saw on your blog that it was your birthday today. Have a lovely fragrant one.
    Hello! How lovely to hear from you. I haven't been around much. Llife stuff. Too busy. I had noticed that you hadn'e been around mucn either. I will send you a proper message soom. I hope that you are OK

    L x
    Hey honey. Day off, great! Hows the weather in Poland? I will get over there one day. Lots of my frieds have been. How are you finding the new LP? I read about it the other day. Sounds very interesting.
    I wish my sweet and brilliant little chemist a very Happy Easter, too! I hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely holiday! I intend to send you a longer message tomorrow; it's been too long. For now, sending your family lots of love!
    Happy Easter to you too, Lucas! I hope you have a very special day with your family and enjoy your time off from school.
    Thanks you so much Lucas, and a very Happy Easter to you and yours, too! It sounds like you have quite the feast planned - enjoy it, and have a wonderful day!
    LUCAAAAAS!!!!!!! I just saw your post that you passed your resit. yyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyy yipppeee aye oh!. I am so happy.
    Lucas, that is so sweet! How heartwarming that you'd even think of a remodel gift! Don't you spend your money; the mere thought made my day! Yes, I love art deco myself and am so lucky that I can go nuts with that style here. Being built in 1930, the house already has many art deco touches of its own. Hope you can come see it when we complete our "masterpiece"!
    Oh, how I wish the inside were done! But it's really only just beginning. The large bathroom turned into a monster project, with all sorts of plumbing issues. Hope to be moving on to the fun part of that job very soon. Ultimately, I want a whole-house renovation. But we can move at a more leisurely pace now at least! That roof was a must-do, the old one was in such bad shape!
    Yes, we will talk more soon! With the new roof done, I finally have more time, too! Will get a good, long message to you this week!
    :birthdays:It's your day! I hope you'll be well fed and well loved today! Happy, happy birthday, sweetie!
    Oh, I must have just missed you! I have a busy day but I'll be popping in and out this morning. I know how long and dull the days can seem when we're worried. Hang in there, sweetie and let me know that exam result when it comes, ok? I hope we'll have something to celebrate but if not, I'll cry with you, too. It's what friends do!
    Oh, thank you Lucas! I'm very well, other than I do believe I've caught a cold. More importantly, how are you doing? Keeping up your energy through all of these exams?

    You've been on my mind a lot this last week! Besides sending you good luck vibes for exams, I sampled a load of chypres. Of course, they are all coming to you! Thinking of mailing to you in a couple weeks, once I order and receive the 31RC so I can include a nice decant of it for you!

    Is Monday the last exam? I sure hope so; you must be ready for a break! Will be sending more good luck wishes your way!
    It has been fantastic thanks, Lucas. Thanks very much for the kind words.
    All the very best :beer:
    Wow Lucas! It so nice that you are helping Andy in his Christmas giveaway! I followed it last year, didn't win anything, but it was fun. How wonderful of you to host this! :)
    See? I'm thinking of you even when you don't know I am! Makes me happy to hear I gave you a smile! You are working so hard; you'll be deserving of all the good things that will one day come to you. But for this weekend, just be a lazy kid!
    Thank you for the link!I see you did not find it special.
    I liked it better than the others from that line of four so I plan to retest it in future.
    Yes, I am well, hope you are, too! I owe you a longer message, please know I haven't forgotten! In a bit of a hurry this morning but you'll have a PM from me later today or in the morning! Hope you're having a nice weekend; you probably were ready for a couple days off after your first week back at university!
    Hello. I am going to have a lovely day out this sunny and cold Sunday. Hope you have a good day too. x
    The Rosam sweetie. Do you like it too? Fantastic! I look forward to your review of Music Hall...
    Awww, thank you! Guess what- he received a package of goodies today from one of our kind BNers! He's so excited, I'm afraid he may start cutting into my perfume budget! Oh well, a happy problem to have!
    Cuir Ottoman would be a very practical choice, if you love it. I sampled it in our unbearably hot summer and found it to behave extremely well in the heat. I tend to associate leathers with cooler weather but Cuir Ottoman can easily be worn year round. Was very impressed by it. Will definitely keep sampling this house but I think I have maybe already found my favorite in CO.
    Now that sounds more my speed, can't go wrong with Pd'E! I may have to have Cuir Ottoman someday, I drained my sample and still it keeps calling me!
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