• Hello again, Susan -- apologies for not checking here sooner. Thank you for your kind comments. Yours was always an enormously friendly and knowledgeable presence on POL. As for inquiring into your user name - perhaps try posting a question in the Tech Questions forum? Grant is so welcoming and quick to answer:


    I'm very happy to see more and more of our fellow "ex-pats" :) making their way here, and look forward to regular posting from all.

    Hi Terry--I was hoping you'd see me. I tried to file as "Chypre" several years ago, but I'm not sure if someone else had it or if I had signed up improperly. Not sure how to inquire. I truly miss waking up to your wonderful posts on POL each day. I miss that forum, but I'm glad to see so many of my dear POLers in the Basenotes community!

    Susan Gatti
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