• Hello Monsieur,
    A reply during strange times! And 8 years late. I am so sorry. I hope that you are well, wherever you are. Life under this pandemic has upended so many things that we take for granted. It is only now that we truly appreciate what we have, or what little else is left of what we have. I am no longer a newbie, I suppose. But still, in the world of perfumery, a devoted student who is always amazed by new wafting scents from bottles both new and vintage. I have samples and new bottles from Byredo, Acqua di Parma, Comme des Garcons, and such. Not, in my opinion, close to the revered classics you so hold dear in your heart. I got Chamade and Mitsouko! Not masculine, but wonderful to smell nonetheless. And Black from Comme des Garcons.
    How are you? I know you have stopped contributing your reviews, which is a shame. I admire them, and I wish you would continue.

    Until next time, monsieur.

    I so enjoy reading your reviews. I hope you will contribute more soon. :smiley:

    I went to the Barney's warehouse sale today, and thought of you. Really crazy place but wonderful merchandise, I bought an Ann Dem grey wool coat based on your fondness for her...now I just have to figure out how to button/zip/belt it. I also bought some Lanvin loafers...all sort of by accident. I did not see any Brunello, but they had several Nina Ricci couture dresses, Lanvin jackets...still 4 figures though. Anyway, the Barney's warehouse sale, I am officially recommending it to you, twice yearly in August, and February, even though you hate sales, this is a fun one. Hope all is well.
    Thank you for what you wrote on the Gaga thread! As I wrote to you there; it is a good message that we often need to be reminded of.
    Clear some space in your mailbox, dear! :)
    I have been away from Basenotes for a while. Harried from the demands of work/ family life/ impositions of freinds/ etc. -- I am back here just to say hello to you and once again thank you for sharing your reviews with us all -- including that of Normandie. A lovely frag from bygone days that now may seem strange and out-of-touch with today's abundance of schlock. Yes, I did go to your threads! Very interesting and entertaining! I did not join for the simplest reason that I haven't the time just yet. But I keep tabs. At any rate, I hope this finds you well. Have a great summer!
    Hi J, you would not have enjoyed the Solstice fest this year - much too much full on psytrance for your taste - and an enormous sound. Boy did I have fun :D Bises sans rancune. Lau.
    Kudos again for your review of Givenchy Gentleman. Should we expect nothing but the best from you? How can one even ask that question!
    Your review of L'Air de Rien was -- murder, plain and simple. I do agree with you on this. The frag was vile, stinky, funky, damp. I had some respect for the Miller Harris line, but after this latest take, that now is shaken. Very good review.
    I've been reading your reviews. Swoon. :)
    Lol. A precis of other reviews. But since yours is the only one that seems to stand out, it is good enough. No, I haven't had the chance to smell the vintage version of Monsieur de Givenchy; but I have the current one. The one in the Les Mythiques line. I really like it. I use L'eau d'Hadrien sometimes, and it seems similar -- but the Givenchy is classic/ understated/ soigne and beautiful. Citrus/ lavender/ wood/ and oakmoss. If you have sampled both versions, do you favor the vintage one! Btw, Merely has "one" review -- of En Avion. It is very well-written. In a manner that reminds me of your writing!
    I have read your review of Chaldee, and I have to smile. It is wondrous. So precisely evocative. Mind you all these comps are difficult to find in their original formulations. I guess you do this on purpose. You have a knack for reviewing stand-alone and singular fragrances, which seem largely beyond the reach -- of the common. You inform, educate, entertain, and intrigue us. And for that I am most grateful. Mon ami, thanks for sharing.
    I have not forgotten! I have simply been gathering my thoughts prior to in incarnation. (Some technical challenges, in truth. I shall consult the sage Rubegon.)
    Oh no, I missed your birthday?!! I hope it was a good one. :)
    I hope you had a memorable birthday, MdM, and many, many more. Remember: you are only one day older than you were before. The date of your birth is trivia.

    How was it, by the way? I'm very curious to know how you spent it. ;)
    You're not the only one, Fleurine. I can't bring myself to buy anything that is still being made. He's like the pied piper of perfumistos.
    greeting from Paris! i just arrived at l'hotel place de vosges, which is a sweet little place , great location, and not expensive so thanks for the rec. i just popped open the jicky parfum that i brought from new york, and it is itting atmy bedside in the evening light...i don't think Parisian light is so bad for perfume reallly...this little bottlehas already crossed the atlantic twice, and still has to fly home...and I bought a 5 euro bar of Fleur de Osmanthus soap..i am becoming an MdM wannabe, I fear...
    What is your favorite powdery scent? I'm buying Pavlova for the bottle if not the scent...it's d/c'd so it's now or maybe never, along with 2 other things. then I'm taking a break to save for...couture. As soon as my arm heals. Do you sew, you seem like you could, Martha claims to...I think?
    Should I bid on Pavlova by Payot? Any info appreciated

    *Goes to reread Fille D'Eve*
    They are all so . . . real. I was wearing Marly EDC on one hand and Marly EDT on the other today, with a 1/4 drop of the dirty one on the outside of one arm. This has been the most interesting day I can ever remember, fragrantically speaking. It feels like I've been on a journey.
    ^^^There is a little tab just above this that says feedback that you have probably never clicked on because neither had i until someone told me. :huh: Bon Weekend. :)
    ^^^There is a little tab just above this that says feedback that you have probably never clicked on because neither had i until someone told me. :huh: Bon Weekend. :)
    ^^^There is a little tab just above this that says feedback that you have probably never clicked on because neither had i until someone told me. :huh: Bon Weekend. :)
    Hello MdM - I know you are busy being Captain at the moment, but I wanted to send you a short message after reading your review of Jardanel. I have not had the good fortune to have ever worn this, but now I feel I must try it. It does sound ravishing. - What I wanted to say was this - reading it I was struck almost immediately with the image of Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull, Brian Jones, Jagger and Richards in the late 60's early 70's. Rich decadent hippies - fascinating to read about and most of all - look at, well, photos, anyway! Wonderful review - thank you.
    May I please have 5 tickets for the Hello Kitty Cabin (it will match my Hello Kitty luggage), I am traveling alone but I need 4 extra seats for my animals. They cannot go in baggage hold, they must fly on board with me. Plus, please do not land in the UK or any other area in the EU where they might be subjected to mandatory quarantine. All are immunized, and microchipped. Thank you.
    I apologize for the delay.
    The butler misplaced my personal on board items. He has been reprimanded as necessary as this was the 3rd mistake of such magnitude.

    As I said earlier, if forced to select an allegiance it would have to be Grand Dames.
    Ooh, oh, please let me fly! :engel017: I promise I won't go near the Violet Velvet room, especially in tonight's powder-bomb commonly known as Farnesiana. Grand Dame it is, but only if you say so :)
    Awaiting the assistance of the hot genie to find the new flight. Standing by. :)
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