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  • Thank You for your birthday wishes. Much appreciated. Tabac Blond Extrait of course, as has become my little ritual, thanks to you!. Mwah x
    Dear Larimar,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions, I don't have enough Caron in my wardrobe so I may just follow your advice. :)

    Best Wishes,

    Ach. On my phone. Too footery but just letting you know that I miss you too. Be up and at it very soon. x
    Great minds kindest friend! There was already a soupcon of the new Iris coming your way too. Don't know if you will like it though! Go, relax, enjoy, Bon Voyage!
    Hi Larimar! Is it everything fine with you? I send you a message a time ago, but i don't know if you have receive it. Well, i just hope everything is right with you :) Sorry for not being such a present friend lately!
    Thank you for your message, it made me so happy to read it! It's nice to 'meet' you! xx
    Oh, I am nowhere near done with all of them them yet! Eau Des Iles has been an absolute revelation. Usually not keen on a coffee note. This is wonderful and as I said the other day, it comes off more of a tobacco note on me and I can't help think about Tabac Blond which is a complete surprise! The Jeune Homme, well see SOTD! Bahiana I already knew, Jardin du Nil I can't grasp, still trying. I'll send them on at some point. Ta!
    Hello you! Shall I send the MPG's on to Lucas? There is a bit left in some of them. I think I shall! x
    Have a good day! I hope you've got some better weather in Austria than we have here in Poland
    Thanks! I'm overflowing with happiness right now. I had a perfect day - run my errands perfectly, then smelled a lot of perfume, both new and those older I've never tried so far and to end the day perfectly, the bottle of Bois d'Iris arrived (along with a Davidoff aftershave for my dad for next weekend's Father's Day)
    Let's keep this fragrance treat of mine a secret until tomorrow, alright? I'll share the news once I buy it and I'll be overflowing with joy even more when it arrives at my door
    If I could be of any more help then I'll be delighted to help a friend!
    Actually tomorrow I'll be purchasing a new perfume to celebrate the end of exams and my 1st degree.
    What a nice bottle of vintage Jicky you've bought today :) And the jickdiction continues! Happy for your purchase :)
    We meet each other everyday in sotd thread, so why not become friends and get to know each other better ;)

    Have a good day
    Thought I'd reply off the thread (since it's off topic): no, there was no BNer monopolizing three SAs at Guerlain when I was there! LOL!
    Hi Larimar :)

    Yes things are ok. Babies are fine.
    I've been with saripatates the past few days!

    Hopefully he'll start a trip report.
    We did enough things like eat, smell and many other things for a nice write up!
    I fondly appreciate you not noticing my presence these days :)
    Hey, Mr. 3000 posts ! Congratulations :) Always look forward to reading your thoughts, so here's to 3000 more. Prost !
    Thanks for your kind words, Larimar. In my opinion the modern Cuir de Russie parfum is perhaps the most exquisite fragrance on the market today. I own a mini bottle of the parfum, and I am trying to use it sparingly so that - someday - I can take a dream vacation to Paris and buy the full 15ml bottle there. It will be such a special memento of the trip. Glad to know that others appreciate it too, I know the modern version sometimes gets a bad rap for not being "animalic" enough, but I think it is mind-bendingly beautiful. :)
    Thank you Larimar! I'm female and I don't really have much to contribute about masculine fragrances, but I do love Cuir de Russie. Wearing the modern parfum right now, and I feel like I'm getting high on it. lol
    Thanks again for your kind words!
    So I mistook your recommendation for Bois De Iles for MPG's Eau Des Iles. (Oops.) But I went ahead and bought a bottle of Eau Des Iles, after reading reviews, and it's turned out to be quite a nice and agreeable scent- suitable even! I find this amusing, and for the best. :D

    Larimar! Oh, I'm wearing Absolue Pour le Soir today and the drydown kind of reminds me of En Avion. You have it, no?
    Of course- Acaciosa ( wrong spelling ??! )
    I may buy Narcisse Blanc - since Luckyscent has it now. Oh the lemmings.........................*LOL*
    Then we think of each other, O ! :) Hugs ! Perfumes that remind me of you :
    L'Ombre Fauve
    Vol de Nuit
    Tabac Blond
    En Avion
    Lyric !

    These are great scent associations . :)
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