• Happy birthday darling! Let this day be even more fragrant than usual and have another magnificent year of life filled with wonderful smells.
    I got 1 extra from Brecourt when I ordered from them. Lucky you!
    I'm lucky with other samples though! :)
    By the way, may I ask if you got a sample of Santal Majuscule claimed via SL newsletter yet? I didn't get mine so far.
    Lucky girl! I wish I could make such fast decisions for perfume I love. But I can't. It's all about the money, money...
    So you decided! Just noticed you ordered Une Voixe Noire. A purchase based on this solid sample?
    I've got some Jo Malone samples from perfume friends and they're quite nice and some more are on their way from another friend. I tried only 3 but none of them was good enough to consider buying. Will check the others when they arrive. Jo Malone is not being sold in Poland so I'd have to order from London.
    I agree, I wonder how Jo Loves will develop... Maybe they'll make few strictly male perfume? Who knows.
    I see. Wonder how they'll work for me. The lady wrote I'll be getting Shot of Thai Lime over Mango, Pomelo and Green Orange & Coriander.
    Even if they don't work for me it would be nice to try.

    Thanks for the DVDs.
    By the way - our samples should arrive after the weekend.
    Hello Dear :kiss:
    How is that Jo Loves you've got?
    I'm asking because I mailed them almost at the same time and also got a very kind reply of sending me free samples. I should be getting the unisex ones soon :)
    The review will be up on the blog after I'll have some dinner. Will let you know then, right after I click a publish button
    That's exactly what I thought, that you're travelling doing some business. That's a great news! Duel and Eau du Sud, lovely! I'm hoping Duel will enchant me. I decided to buy a bottle of it later this year if I like it!
    When you have some time check out my account, maybe I could something new with you?
    Are you business traveling again or so? I'm just asking because you wer not online for the last few days. Hope all's fine
    Thanks! If you find something that interests you in my collection then let me know and I'll save some for you! I've been doing some swapping lately.
    No I haven't. The only Tauer I tried was Eau d'Epice, also from you, but to be honest I didn't like it. It somehow smelled like and old soap on me.
    Thank you Anne! Kyoto from CdG seems to be the only incense perfume that I like and have no problem wearing. I'm having just a wee tiny sample. Will have to think about a full bottle one day.
    What a nice thing to come home to after work. A new friend request! It is my pleasure. See you on SOTD! They re a lovely bunch aren't they? And you are a lovely addition to the group.
    Thank you for the friend add! Very happy to accept, it's been a real treat having you around. Love your posts and especially love that dinner guest thread. Hope you're enjoying being here as much as we like having you!
    Dedicated polka-dot apron for cleaning sounds fun! Have a great day and I'll see you later at NST this afternoon when the LWP starts :)
    Thank you for visiting my "baby" perfume blog! And more thanks for offering to get some Goutal samples for me :)
    Nice to see you had such a great time in Paris! And "wow" on all those perfume treats! Hat tip!
    Have a good time in Paris. I wish I could go there too! Sniff many fantastic perfume while there!
    Welcome to Basenotes ladymurasaki! It's good to have you here as well as at Now Smell This! I'm sure you'll make many friends here :)
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