• I saw your SOTE last night was Orange Star - I just tested that a few days ago and it smelled exactly like Tang, that fakey-orange breakfast drink I loved as a kid back in the 60's!
    Auntie K, sending you plenty of well-wishes. You'll overcome this and be back to full health soon. No doubt about it. Stay positive. Fragrant hugs. xxx
    Thank you my dear gel. Have meant to say for ages that I love your signature. Thinkin n synchin. Me too !
    Knit, I tried to message you about something that could help your Dad, but your inbox is full.
    Your inbox is full but I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you as you go help your dad.

    I found this website very helpful as I took care of Mom: http://www.agingcare.com/

    Feel free to message me if I can help, or just to talk about it.
    Hi Aunty K, so sorry to read about your crappy 'hit-and-run' experience. Grrrr. Take good care of yourself. All best wishes. xx
    Hey, darling!

    I got really disenchanted with basenotes (my issues, not the website's). I overdosed so much on frags that I had to take a little break. Now I'm getting back into it. Great to hear from you!

    Wow, lucky you, Knit! Keep it on the back burner. Maybe you can re-generate some interest in that trip. :)
    Hi, Knit! I think it fizzled out. I think it sounded splendid, too. :)
    Hi K-A-N

    Thanks! It's cheeky enough without being obnoxious (I hope anyway). Thanks for the welcome.

    My name's Irene.
    Happy almost-birthday to you too! Any chance you're coming to town for the October 20 sniff??
    Hi dear, wonderful choice Damascena, a pretty musky rose so womanly, indolic and sophisticated. My girlfriend sometimes wears it for the office and is nice to wake up with the Damascena's wake lingering around for the rooms of my home. Good work on Basenotes. Ettore.

    Thanks! That's very observant of you.

    Also, you have a very engaging way of writing reviews, I sincerely look forward to reading more.
    Yeah, got a job in New York after over a year of tearing my hair out. Would have liked to be back in CA near my parents and most friends, but the area's pleasant and the company+coworkers seem pretty nice. Will hopefully get a chance to go to some niche shops or even just higher-end dept stores, to test brands that I haven't had access to before.
    Hey, thanks for the warm welcoming Knit! I just got it and it was love at first sniff. Just bought some Rume as well from Slumberhouse after sampling.
    Thanks knit! I don't like anything too masculine usually, any I should avoid because of that? Thanks!
    I can't complain. A lot of learning today, but I enjoyed my new sample and commited a review of it. And the weather became better in the late afternoon so I had a bike ride as a break from learning
    I hope you had a great start into the weekend! Have a good day. I guess we'll see each other somewhere in sotd thread! :)
    Thanks so much for chiming in about my wardrobe sort request in Community Centre! I think Grant has me on permanent ignore for some reason, but maybe he'll see it now that you've posted, lol! Seriously, I can't believe more members wouldn't enjoy that feature, and it'd be a super-easy tweak in an excel spreadsheet ...so here's hoping! ;)
    Would you do me the honor? Honestly, I was a bit shocked when I realized you weren't already listed among my friends - it's high-time I stop taking you for granted! :D
    Thank you! I own this bottle, and like taking photographs of my fragrances from time to time. Will rotate avatars to show some of the photos.
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