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  • Re: Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentree
    Hi there,
    How funny. I went online right now just to check if indeed there's this version instead of the usual EDT and today I actually came across probably two vintage bottles of this 19ml size bottles! They sell here in my city in the Philippines for about US$60 each! It's an indie perfume store where they sell leftovers of the the former US bases here. Do you think it's a reasonable price?
    Hey since your inbox is full and I have not recieved the bottle of Pure Havane, I have stopped payment on the check.
    Hello . I was wondering if you knew any perfume makers who would like to use my as a website? I was going to help out a local perfume maker. I know the domain is a great name for perfume. I am not asking for money but just to invest in someones creation. best to email me at
    Thank you.
    Loved your review of Tsar. Last night I was surfing this site, and a guy asked what would be a good aftershave to try (he was a fragrance virgin). So I told him, get some Tsar, use just enough to smell good up close, and I might leave my husband for you
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