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  • Dear KIG,

    You sure are a lucky lad: I have managed to buy for you the very last 112ml bottle in its mint original packaging! It is a wee cracker!
    Happy days!
    I could send you some pictures if you want so that you can check what I have got in hand.
    I will be in Algeria until the beginning of March before getting back to Europe. I may also be coming to the States mid March but it is still not sure.
    Bye the now.

    Dear KIG,

    I am going back to Algeria in a week. I will let you know asap if there is still some Masculin 2 for sale.
    I have actually bought one bottle only as I wanted to know if it was genuine, and it is! I am kicking myself since then for not buying the entire stock... I believe there were twenty bottles so you might strike lucky!
    I take the opportunity to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2010!
    Kind regards.

    Hi there,

    I believe you like "les parfums de Bourjois".

    Well, you will never guess where I have found a stock of "Masculin 2" in the original packaging... In the middle of the Algerian desert! Incredible! I could not believe my eyes!

    I might be able to get you a bottle. Interested?

    Kind regards.
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