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  • Nice!!!! :coolold: Thanks for the tip! There is also a new Avon Haiku flanker I promised to sniff. So time to start looking for samples!!!
    Love your love for Amarige, I like a lot how it smells, but I absolutely love it for how strong and potent it is - wish more perfumes were like that!

    Dear J.
    Thank you so much for sending me the perfumed cards!I received both of them and really enjoy : Thumbsup:
    Can you believe we are not yet officially friends? :)
    I wish you a most happy birthday!!!
    Thank you. I try to give at least a series of four or five testings before I feel that I grasp the fragrance enough to express an opinion of it. I also knew from experience that Annick Goutal's fragrances, especially, don't reveal their secrets at first spray.
    Hi jujy54! Nice to meet ya! Thanks for dropping by the Annick Goutal thread! Actually for me her fragrance was a first niche encounter for me. It was Nuit Etoilee that was my 1st niche I tried, and not only tried, but bought a bottle of it :)
    My Antilope review has been published! I hope you agree with it. :eek:
    Hello jujy54,

    Thanks for your nice comment. I am sorry I haven't answered earlier. I get very few messages and I don't check my mail very often. I love Weil perfumes very much also. My Antilope review will be issued very soon. :)
    Thanks for the welcome Jujy!
    I am mad about Civet Oil (H) from the 70s & Civet is one of my favorite notes, so the handle seemed appropriate! However, my avatar is not a Civet -- it is a Ruddy Abyssinian kitty LOL! Maybe I need to change the Av.....

    Later! CL
    Thanks, fellow Piscean. I just fully realized this similarity between us. Well, at the moment I'm wearing Un Jardin Sur le Nil, which I'm enjoying on this warm, humid, nearly stormy afternoon. But this evening I'm going to wear something ridiculous. Maybe sample a bunch of stuff, or just wear a little too much of something fancy.

    Can't wait!
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