• Weimar, Of course, I would be delighted. I am not sure about dressing like a "thug" but a 30's dandy would work for me. I have just added a great winter-weight double breasted suit to my collection. Add to that the great hats from Optimo of Chicago, and one is well on his way to the right look. Sorry I am so terribly late replying, Weimar old friend, I just don't get into these pages terribly often. All the best,

    Hello Joe I seen your posts and you have good style sense
    and i love the 30's and 40's look in men i wish it was back
    in style and men stop dressing like Thug and poseurs Lol '
    so can i Add you as a friend
    Bonsoir Joe, I know this answer comes one year late but yet it comes at christmas time. Thank You for Your kind words, I did not write much this year, but I will surely bring out a book about fragrances, based on my thesis.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Thanks, I have Forbes of Forbes, and have tried 1445 and I am not that wild about it. Even the Forbes of Forbes is not getting any play these days. Thanks in any event.
    See you like fforbes fragrances.Are you interested in buying any.I have 2 bottles for sale which are 2 thirds full.Fforbes of Fforbes and 1445.Will ship from the U.K
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