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  • Hey...I am from India Mumbai!!! i read your reviews on Musc Ravageur..Where did you find the fragrance?? Also where do you buy your fragrance from here???

    I've noticed you're an enthusiast of Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills.

    Could you please kindly tell me if the re-launched fragrance is still as strong as it was back in the 1990s when I used to wear it? I recall it would leave a gorgeous trail and I got many compliments on it.
    Would you say it works the same today? Is it true that the formula was altered?

    I'm also considering an A*Men purchase but something tells me Giorgio holds on for much longer. Let alone, I think its formula is more original than that of A*Men.
    I'm curious to read your opinion.

    Do pardon my strangled English. I work as a translator but, busy as I've been, I don't get many opportunities to actually TALK to people.

    Kindest regards,
    Hello Buddy
    Found you out....a fellow indian with a love for designer frags ( let me tell you its a rare breed indeed).
    Hey bro i am sure you must be facing the same dilemma as everyone else on this site. So many options to buy but not enough dough.....
    I buy online from fragrancex and strawberrynet. Got any other better options in India or for that matter New Delhi.

    Please also advice which of the following scents is better in terms of longevity and sillageas a fresh scent for scorching Delhi summers.
    Polo Blue
    Leau Dissey
    Agua De Loewe

    Thanks Bro
    I have many items on your wishlist for sale, please let me know if you'd like to buy some. Thanks!
    Hey man, I'm talking with finsfan to possibly buy his 4oz bottle of Creed Silver Mountain Water, which he said he got from you. Can you attest to the authenticity of the bottle at all? He says it's not imprinted with a lot # which worries me.
    Nice collection - present, owned and tested. Great reviews and blog as well. After a year with BN, i know your reviews are one of my references.


    Hey Jenson. I'm doing good. How you doing.. ya i have been paying double the amount for the scents here.. today went to grey market and got M7,Joop PH and burberry london(100 ml) for 5k. Looks like a decent deal :). By the way how do you get ur fragrances shipping or some one gets it for you.
    hi jenson! i saw a review of you about tumulte, and you compared it to kyoto. None of then a can find nor as i blind buy. I thought the cedary gucci PH too strong and didn´t fit to me... too dry!! can´t take! Which of the 2 do you thing is more weareable and with longevitty: equus or tumulte? Are they something like gucciPH? i still prefer the cedar on visit... its much more weareble and much less boring! thank you for suppoting my prolix doubts!
    hello jenson! thanks for your atention on retrying my "scraps". I saw i forum you compared visit with M7 and then i went to store to try it. It was a good discover nowadays of citrusy generic scents... but i thought it with too much vanilla... i'm still looking for a damp scent in the way of visit... This scent caught me that all the other scents i smell seems very equal each other. And i have i problem, because the stores here in the city i live don´t work with some houses of scents... so my "nicho" of scents is limited. Maybe if i do a blind by of some lalique.... i don´t know... just trying to find another amazing scent like visit is for me. Thanks!
    Hello Jenson... I´m back again... And with lots of doubts! I tryed many scents from the last time we talked here.... I´m trying to find a freshy woody now... Look what a found:
    I hated all channel allure, allure sport and a bit less of egoiste.Gucci i tried too but i felt it soo dry, but is different.I tryed burberry london also but didn,t last..and tryed many other... what i trully enjoyed were all of Versace!! Eau Fraiche is good for summer and versace pour homme is great too... I felt in Versace scents something near to what i want in a scent.. but my ideal scent is neither in the horizon!
    hey, n.p bro... I was smelling this at Saks today, and wanted another opinion... I did enjoy it.. Have you smelled 1872 by Clive Christian? (oh side note thanks for helping me with the Himalaya... I bought it today with Allure Homme Edition Blanche)
    Hey Jenson... I was reading your blog... saw the entry with Bond no.9 Riverside drive on it... and was wondering if you could touch on why u like this..and is this that seductive?
    Hi Jenson! I appreciate your reviews and i would like to ask you for helping me with some suggestions! First I would say I am new in “fragrances’ world”, but i´m very interested on it. And for a good start, I want to acquire some “perfume keys”, those perfumes that are irresistibles! So, if you could help me with your knowledge I ´ll be very happy. I´ll tell you a lillte of my preferences: a like more the woody, spicy(like visit by azzaro wich is one of my favourites, for example, but I don´t like azzaro PH, cause I think it so dry) , and plants smells, although I don´t like much citric and fruits or floral smells because I think they aren´t too masculine, but I may change my opinion! I like those with good longevity too… thanks …
    hi jenson.i like your reviews about perfumes.your reviews somehow matches with my mind.can u please help me finding a scent similar to rive gauche from ysl coz i dont find it here in pakistan.thanks.
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