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    The yellow Murcielago I had at work sounded like a thunderstorm when I would rev it, lol. I was pretty scared to drive that ! Check this video outttt.

    YouTube- Fifth Gear Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV

    I'd do some pretty unforgivable things to get behind the wheel of that thing :p
    Ferrari 360 = V8, 400+hp

    Lambo Gallardo = V10, 500+ hp

    Take that Lambo for a spin !! ...then come and pick me up :)
    Not sure if you heard this song yet but it's pretty catchy :) I think you'll like it!

    YouTube- KE$HA - TiK ToK
    I took a pic of the back of my car for ya today :)

    Not a problem !

    A lot of people never even heard these songs yet and a few of those are definitely going to be overplayed on the radio in no time lol
    If I promised you a sample of a Tom Ford Musk, please PM me. My inbox crashed and I lost all my messages, didn't write your usnername or address down. Sorry!!
    You are most welcome.
    The migraine "thing" was a bit of "the hair of the dog" as it was a combination of biofeedback & aromatherapy that helped me to finally get control of them. Now, I know most of my triggers, perfume is still one of them. Every now & then I get surprised, such as with the JAR fragrances. He uses an unheard of concentration of carnation absolute in his fragrances. I "think" that's what causes an immediate vasovagal reaction whenever I'm near them, wet or dry. It's interesting but consistent with the JAR fragrances.
    Write me, if you wish, with anything you might like to know.
    That's awesome !

    Oh, I blew the doors off of a Chevy Cobalt SS yesterday :p

    He was riding my @$$ on the highway on the way to work and I pulled in the other lane so he could pass. He speeds up to my speed so that we're even and he took off like his car was fast and I dropped it to 4th and flew past him like he was going in reverse, lol.

    I love my S4 :D

    I'll do a photoshoot with it today and send ya some "action" shots :p
    I know! I haven't popped into the chat room either, have you? We should make a schedule chat time so we can get some people to come! Nipples to you! :)
    Definitely not ! Just internal work is going to be done :D

    Maybe a new set of wheels in time but nothing more. Upgraded turbos are also an option :)
    Thanks ! The first mod is a new chip. It'll put it from 250hp to 317hp no sweat. Then exhaust, then blow off valves to let everyone know not to mess with me ;) :p
    OMFGG..I'm picking up the S4 this Saturday :D:D:D

    I had a nightmare last night that it was sold on Friday :(

    haha :eek:
    Good luck with your gym routine that I made for ya !! :D

    If you need help or have questions... you know who to ask ;)
    LOL! I simply couldn't resist! I've been on the fence about using it for a while but felt that now was the right time.

    I hope you are well.
    I posted that link by mistake lol but i love that vid ! A 22year old kid won the ZR1 at the casino on labor day last Monday.. :( lol but he had to pay $30k in taxes to get it
    It was black on black.. sorry it's hard to tell, lol... crappy camera phone pic with bad lighting in the parking garage :p

    That thing sounded so mean though :D
    I was talking to a guy with a 2006 A8 last night after I parked an S4 and I thought of you :)

    ..hope that doesn't make me sound too creepy !
    My first friend on Basenotes! :) Thanks, and you are gorgeous! Love your review of Un Bois Vanille.
    It was one of the first samples I received a couple weeks ago and it's now on my wishlist.
    Are you sure you don't need anyone to drive it up to you ?? :) haha, j/k I'd get pulled over twice in every state :(
    ...also, I may have to test it out myself just to make sure it would be safe and stable at high speeds. :) haha
    Heyy, did you get to drive the 360 yet ?? If not, I'll give you my address so you can stop by and pick me up to be your co-pilot ! :p
    Im pleased you asked! :)
    "H.R.H" that means I kinda feel blessed to be working with some very cool rock bands in the biz :) Its also the name of a song performed by these chaps for the Eurovision Song Contest a few years ago...
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdItwaLrv1U Good fun!
    Thanks for adding me! Always cool to see someone cool from Canada, as rare as that might be. haha just playin :)
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