• Glad you're feeling better!
    Thanks, K! New BN, new messages I’m just seeing for the first time. Prob more on me than the revamp- hope you are well in rural lands. I’m loving mine.
    I don't even know what Olympic Orchids is! Devil Scent Project? Also no clue!
    Wow profile messages are a thing!

    You should check them out. Lots of (relatively) reasonably priced sample offerings. Some really nice perfumes. Some really weird ones.

    The Devil scent series is a pretty decent set based around woody ambers and pseudo-oud. Two things that take a lot of flak but I think are nice in the right setting.
    Btw w/the transition, my private messages went from 0 to 2. Both were from 2019, one from you and one from the lovely CutSmut (remember him?!) basically trolling me. Will def read and respond bc I thought you left me hanging :)
    Varanis Ridari
    Varanis Ridari
    The only thing I ever leave hanging is unmentionable. You're good! Thanks for the reply!
    Many happy returns, B! Hurry up and get some age on you to match that old soul of yours. :)
    Is it really your birthday? God, I hope you're at least 30 by now, you rascally pup, you. Many happy returns, B!
    Also, lost interest in some stuff and a bunch of 'tried once and bought' stuff and blind-buys didn't work out, so clearing out stuff. Managed to pare down to 135 from 153 in over two months, hopefully to continue.
    Probably these -

    Memoir Man
    Encens et Lavande (bottle almost finished up)
    Vert des Bois
    Bell'Antonio (much livelier in warmer weather)

    I haven't bought any bottle since about early June. Though, I'm going to Thailand and India in September-October, and might buy stuff in Bangkok/duty free if there's anything interesting.
    Thanks a lot!

    I think I have a renewed interest - I'm putting it down to the weather cooling down a bit.

    And guess what, just tried Ummagumma. Wearing it from my sample. This is good stuff.
    I'm glad you all seem to be having so much of fun and excitement (from the different threads, particularly 'tried after reading Guide'). I couldn't wait for the physical copy of The Guide to be released, so bought the kindle version. I haven't read even two pages; just skimmed over some sections. I've even stopped reading most threads here, only spending 5 min a day to post on the SOTD threads. The only reason for this out of context post is I read Iso's thoughts above. I haven't stopped wearing and enjoying stuff, but for 1-2 months now have significantly lost interest in discussion (participating or even reading), even trying new stuff.
    Mr. Superman...I attempted to message you, and BN informed me that you cannot receive any additional messages until you delete some from your Inbox.
    Thanks! And happy birthday/month to you! Supposedly we are fierce, fiery and mysterious...
    Haha, I was triggered to buy it again after you mentioned it in the sync thread! Arden cheapies rock. I went through tons of Sunflowers over the years but this buy is all your doing. Still smells awesome too. So glad you put that bug in my ear!:thumbsup:
    Oh, you bet I'm trying Cocoa Tuberose! I do have a sample here. Taking a Samsara break today but will wear it tomorrow. I don't blame you a bit for taking pride in this house. I've never been so bowled over by natural perfumery. You cracked my head open a bit wider with these, seriously! I have seen the fleeting nature of some naturals on my own skin but I've had excellent longevity with all PPC's I've tried. Their bottles would last me a very long time. Expensive but fair and I did have the thought that they could probably be priced a tad higher for the current market. But please don't tell the perfumer that!:wink:
    Thank you for encouraging me to smell more Providence scents! I continue to be wowed. Rose Boheme went straight to my wishlist. Moss Gown is also to die for! I could really wear both and be thrilled. Now I'm scared to smell Cocoa Tuberose! What a fabulous perfumer; I'm so impressed!
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