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  • Sei gentilissima, ho scelto un'immagine del vecchio Lev Tolstoj, genio che amo da morire, e' bello condividere su Basenotes questa nostra enorme passione per le fragranze, complimenti anche a te ed a presto. Ettore.
    iodine! You have been rtying some great things recently, the Vero Profumo, (loving them) the Goodsir (not tried yet). Lucky You. Keep posting your impressions please. :thumbsup:
    Hi perfume house twin! How's Osmanthus? Don't know this one from PdE. My favourite is Iskander and I'm ordering samples of Eau de Gloire and Azemour this week, they seem interesting.
    Hope you have a good weather in Milan!
    Hi iodine! I'm happy for you that your school year is over. I'm almost there too. Only one more exam to go and I'll be getting my university 1st degree, so my academic year would also end. Can't wait to have so vacation.
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