• Your kind words in the "where have all the women gone" thread really meant a lot to me, thank you! I thought of you and your family (the little ones must be not-so-little by now!) and hoped you were all well often. People like you, with your good humor and sanity are the reason I'll always come back. Miss you terribly at SotD!
    Happy birthday and all the best!

    Have a wonderful celebration with everyone near and dear to you and thanks for making BN such a special place with your generous and knowledgeable contributions to this community!
    Happy birthday! It is a joy for me to celebrate a special Basenoter and an equally special friend.

    All the best!
    My belated happy birthday, sorry I missed congratulating in time!
    Nevertheless, best of my birthday wishes just the same!
    How exciting! Have you visited there before? (I haven't). I hope you have a marvelous -and safe - trip. :)
    Oh, how did I miss your message?!! :shocked: I'm so sorry! Hello back to you (a little belatedly)! I hope all is well with you and yours. xo
    Hello my buddy! Is all well with you? Any fragrant adventures/discoveries recently?
    I agree, it is! struggling to find time still, I spend a few days a week in the woods. I bet I have some catching up to do too, I haven't sniffed anything new in months! Hope you're doing well bro.
    Did you receive my last email?? I guess not! Anyways it's been a month since I sent my end,if it doesn't grt there anytime soon then I assume thst it is lost and will re-ship you yours.
    Hello,sorry just seeing my message just now,lots happening as I'm officially a grandma. :)
    Thank you for shipping it out...I truly hope that it arrives soon and it should!
    Keep me posted!
    Nah no rush at all :) it'll get there! Have a great evening!
    Well 11 days today (counting the weekends) though..nothing yet?
    Thanks for your response my friend.
    I live in IRAN and unfortunately I can't find Montale in my country.
    Can you please tell me what is the price for 50ml and 100ml.
    Actually I'm interested in "Dark Aoud" and "Chocolate Greedy" and I want to know the price foe this bad boys!
    Also I'm looking for Dior's and Guerlain's exclusive line, Andy Tauer, Serge Lutens and some other niche houses which are not available in IRAN.
    Do you know a website in Dubai who sells online and can ship it to IRAN?
    I know, that's a lot of questions and I'm sorry for that but you're my only hope to get information about Dubai and these niche fragrances :p
    Thank you :)
    Can I ask you a question?
    Do you live in Dubai?
    If you do, does Montale fragrances are available in Dubai?!
    thanks :)
    Thank You for the response to the Armani Rose Oud question. I did look for you the other day on our SOTD, saying that you would be my "go to" person for a view on Rose Oud! But I must have missed you! Boo. So, I am pleased that I have caught you now!
    So good to hear that you & your beloved are all well! It sounds as if you had a super time then. :) Cheers
    Hi, did your package arrive? I still have to peruse your luxe wardrobe! All the best!
    Hello man of great taste! :) How are things? I noticed you were much quieter recently. I hope all is well. Best wishes!
    Hello man of great taste! :) How are things? I noticed you were much quieter recently. I hope all is well. Best wishes!
    hiya back my friend, not been around much lately, just getting ready to go on easter break..
    Hope it helps...how old is the little guy? Make a game of it and maybe he can learn how to do it.
    "What's another academic term for 'the long run'?" Ummm ... ultimately? Is that "academic"? LOL.

    Just trying to help but didn't want to interrupt the thread. :p
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