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    Really depends on how we are mailing and if it goes First Class or Priority Mail.

    Small Flat Rate Priority Box used to be $12.95 is now $19.95. First Class is based on weight. Let me know what you may be interested in and I can give you an approximate idea of the additional cost. PalmBeach
    Your inbox is full. The Lumiere Noire Pour Homme is now full.

    Please clear your inbox or e-mail rp67gta@aol.com so I can send you payment information.

    Hey sir,

    You're inbox is full so here's the message I tried to send:

    The nice glass bottles I buy from a site called Avena in the UK, Unfortunately the prices have gone up multiple times this year alone and each bottle is around £2.50 each to buy with an atomiser top.

    The sample atomisers, pipettes and funnels I purchased from a US based site called Kosmetech.

    Sorry for the late reply I've had quite a few PM's and requests to deal with of late.


    Hey Hawk,

    I saw that you had sampled Oud 27 from a thread you started and I hope you enjoyed it! Would you be interested in doing a split? They bottle locally in Toronto and I can pick it up when you contact me.



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    Hey thanks for mentioning colette.fr - I've been looking for a place that carries Eau Noire for a long time now!
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