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  • Hey man, I just got the Musc Ravageur! thanks so much!! The french lover is interesting I need to sniff it more but it is interesting, reminds me of this herb lol thanks again man!! :)
    Your inbox is full, so I thought I'd send my message here Re: Homage.

    I don't mind the glass vial if it is more than 1ml big. My main worry with a glass vial was something I'd noticed with a lot of my 1ml vials, that I tend to lose some of the juice on first opening if they're filled right to the top. But if it's larger, then I'll go with your suggestion of the vial inside the other.

    Just let me know how much that'll be. Thanks so much!
    Hello Mate, Nice to Meet you today. I just Purchased Eau DE Patou. I did not realize How Beloved this frag is. I happened to purchase the only bottle they had at the present time, the sales lady told me she will try to procure two or three more bottles as soon as possible.As soon as she does, I will Contact you. I paid 45 USD for 1 oz bottle, she told me 2oz bottle should go for 65 usd
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