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  • Hey Grottola. Nice idea of the recent Classic Citrus thread, I see you have plenty of them already (and it seems we have your Mom with her Ô de Lancôme and Eau Dynamisante to thank for your good taste).

    You seem to be a Verbena fan, so do try and get some YSL Pour Homme (red top, not the Concentree in the black top) as soon as you can, because the original seems to be on the way out now that YSL have brought out this La Collection and ruined a bunch of their stuff. Its Verbena for Men, no doubt.

    And as you will have noticed, pretty much everyone told you to get Eau de Guerlain!
    Do you want one? heck, it was a buck. You can tell me if the juice is still good before I pass it on to my Dad. I was just getting ready to offer you some almond and rose samples when your message appeared, too.
    Love the pix Tony!

    LOL I just got a bottle of Horizon at the Dollar store with the original price tag still on it. LOL
    Hello there dear heart! Auntie Knit hopes you are having a wonderful holiday season and wishes you all good and fine smelling things in the coming year...
    Hi Gottola, thanks for the affirming comments. It is nice to see that others share some of my tastes. Best to you! ody
    Le Roy.......wow a French name classy, just kidding, nope I don't. I have just started taking photos of people & pets.
    Hey Tony - I'll be happy to concede to No ,2 spot for you ! :) :) Just promise me a lifetime supply of Bois des Iles, No.22 and No.5 !! *LOL*
    Thanks for your opinion on He Wood Ocean Wet Wood. I tried it 3 times and feel that it stays close to the skin. Do you often get a whiff of it? How many sprays do you use? I use about 5, all on my skin.
    Oh ya lol. I still have the bottle and I can smell it a little, but there's no juice left in it. But, just being able to smell it a little invokes memories; ya know how that goes :)
    no it's not full, as a supporter I have an allowable 1K messages - I'm about 10% of that But I noticed the site has been sloooooooow lately
    Thank you. I appreciate where the compliment comes from - I've been noticing your reviews with an appreciative eye.

    My favorite citruses are Acqua d Parma Colonia and Jean Marie Farina but I just accept the fact that they are not going to last. The only longer lasting citrus that I came close to loving was Bigarade Concentree (Jean-Claude Ellena) by Federic Malle, but it's been so long that I reviewed it, I can't say that I still would choose it. OH! I remember another one Tova for Men by Tova Borgnine- That one came close to the lemon drop candy note but it never completely crossed the line, if I remember right. The Eau de Rochas - both Femme and Homme - are quite good, but I personally don't think of them as citrus. I bought Acqua di Parma Colonia Absoluta and the citrus in it lasts, but I dislike the scent.
    Happy birthday!!
    Thanks so much for your bday wishes grottola, and you kind words about my collection! :) There are so many wonderful scents to be explored from this house with one of the richest histories of all the ages!
    Cheers again! :) D.
    Thanks, Grottola! I probably spend too much time thinking about this stuff, but it does give me pleasure . I'm really glad you started that thread - it takes some courage to admit that an idea can be troubling. The fact that we all jumped on it shows how much we are all thinking about it.

    Implied - that IS a very good description of the infinite. Perhaps infinity is really best viewed as just some kind of boundary of scale. A countable way to say "uncountable". We look to an infinitely large integer and say it's uncountable in a large way, and we see the numbers between two integers as uncountable in a smaller sense. We look at items in calculus as being uncountably close, uncountably many, or uncountably small. We talk about one infinity being smaller than another, and we return to countable. Nothing, one, or too many - with artificial constructs built on "one" in between.

    There you go again! Making me think! I love it! Thanks again for that thread - TTYL! :smiley:
    What a coincidence, I'm in Chloé Narcisse tonight,
    and I can see in it's reviews, that you are not a fan.
    So, I guess we're even with me disliking the dreadfull
    Armani Eau pour Homme, hmm?! ;)
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