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  • Hello Grant! How are you doing? off late i have edited and also posted new fragrance reviews which haven't been updated in the fragrance reviews section as yet.... i know there might be a long queue for this request...however, i thought i'd raise a flag to get some attention. for whtever it;s worth, i'd love to see those posts on this wonderful website. Thnx Much, Jenson
    Grant- a sticky on the sale/swap boards regarding the banning of decant sales/swaps would be much easier for new members to see and adhere to.
    Grant- I hope you and the family are well! I was wondering if the want/sell lists attached to the wardrobes would be returning any time soon. It was a great way to find other BN'ers who one could swap with. Also my offer to assist in moderating the swap/sell boards still stands. Let me know, Stu

    When I go to the directory without signing in, many of the latest reviews don't show up. I sign in, and there the reviews are! Are the visitors getting the complete review?


    Hi Grant. Question for you, can I sell Creed carded samples in the market place?
    These are not considered decants are they?
    Hi Grant,

    It seems that I have two "Supporter" banners next to my user ID, rather than the usual one...was wondering if you could have a look and fix it. Thanks so much! - Terry
    Hello Grant,

    I had spoken to Chris (dustB) about this so he'll probably tell you about the problem I have. I have submitted 2 reviews in the Fragrance Directory, one for Aigner Black (submitted mid to late Nov 2007) and one for L'Artisan Dzing! (submitted 3 weeks ago) but neither of those are showing up.

    Can you please help.... Thanks! :)
    Hi Grant,
    I tried sending you an email via the "Contact Us" section on the board, but it got sent back twice.
    Following is a cut and paste of the email.

    "Hi Grant,

    Hope all is well with you and your family, and that this incredible monster of a site you have created isn't giving you too many headaches.

    So to add to your workload, I've just come across a Creed Australian site which lists fragrance pyramids for the current Creeds, at

    The Basenotes Directory currently either doesn't have fragrance pyramids for many of those listed at that site, or it has less comprehensive ones.

    Curiously, some scents listed as both Men's and Women's scents at the UK site, aren't listed as such on the Australian one (like Royal Water and Royal Delight). You'd think Creed would know who they made the scents for, but apparently they don't.

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