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  • Last night, the little yellow bird that is your user avatar appeared to me in a dream. It was walking around on a hand mirror that was lying on a table, and pecking at its own reflection, and my dream self was thinking "Good heavens, that's gandahajala's bird! What is it doing here?"
    :birthdays:Happy Birthday!! This must mean it's a No.5 day. I just happen to have some of your vintage EDP from way back when. It has hung in there beautifully and I've been saving the last for a special day. And here it is! I hope you have a fun day ahead! Try to stay out of trouble. Or don't. It's your day!:beer:
    Thank you so much, L.! Having a great day and hearing from you made it even better. You'll be unsurprised I'm sure to hear we've been twins this evening. Did not dig out the vintage (turning only 21 doesn't call for that:wink:) but loaded up good in EDT and Extrait. Take good care, my dear! xoxo
    Hi G! Well, the pleasure is at least partly mine, too!
    It's true, Ungaro II is on my civet hit-list. I'd love to try it, if a tiny sample could be arranged - thank you! Is there anything in Paris you feel the lack of? :)
    Hello! It was nice meeting you again today :) The Perfume Lovers London perfume swap/Christmas event will be on 5th December, hope you can make it!
    "Terryfic Oud". Oh in the name of the wee man! A rather large ego at work, hmm? Well spotted. Frasers didn't have that one!
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
    I hope you're having a great week.
    - R
    Big congrats, my dear friend, on your 3,000 posts milestone! Don't you ever dare thinking about leaving here! I'd drag you back pulling your ears... :D
    Good morning, gandhajala!

    I am doing ok, I hope everything is fine with you too and all my friends here!
    These are difficult times for us in Greece and the developments are so quick,
    the political scene so interesting, that doesn't leave me time for other things
    when I finally make time to surf the internet.
    But I miss you all and I promise that from now on I'll try to make time to post here!
    I'm sure Mum will be alright!
    And you have a new avatar, really nice toucan couple :)
    Thanks you kind sir, *Bows, doffs hat*
    You are enabler of the highest order :)
    I hope you don't mind me sharing round the Chanel Lurve in a sample pass. I wonder how many sniffers will go all gooey on sniffing CdR, BdI and 31RC for the first time?
    My Chanel Exclusifs sampling was an expensive time, EdC, Beige, 31RC and CdR with a note to save for BdI and No22. They are gorgeous though.
    many thanks
    Haha! That's a good start of a day reading that we're fragrance twins this morning! :)
    Enjoy your Friday and I'll see you later :) :vrolijk_26:
    Hi Gandhajala!

    No problem - thanks for accepting the request!

    It would be good to chat at the next meet up. Great write-ups BTW, are you going to be doing one for Olfactoria's?
    Haha!! I haven't gave it a "full wearing" yet :') But I've been sniffing it here and there.
    It's great! Changed loads since the day already, and now I can actually smell it I'm chuffed with it.
    What about yours?
    Good to meet you too dude :D
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