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  • Hi

    You sent me a message about Bulgari Black's availability in the UK last June, and I have only just come across it! (I haven't accessed my profile page before. I'm rubbish with technology). That's why I never replied earlier. I'm sorry.

    Best wishes for the New Year!
    Thank you for the info on Weil de Weil. I do have a backup of it, it is a favorite, but i will look into the site...in case i need another backup.
    Take care
    Hi,I would like to join you guys for a chat sometimes if that is possible. I live in the n.east of England and am a bit of a fragrance freak.I am finding some of my newer ones not to be very long lasting on my skin.Some of these are new formulations of older scents.Love trying new ones and look at reviews before I but if I cannot test so I find the site very helpful.Sometimes do not spend a lot but l ove to smell nice.I must admit I have 2 Creed fragrances in my collection which I save for special occasions.
    First, thanks again for the Fraichuer Cuir, it's really amazing to me.

    I'm quite partial to either cooling scents or citrus scents for summer. Central Park is a nice cooling scent that I like. Geir Ness is the same way. Z Zegna is a citrus herbal scent I find to be classy when I need just that but it doesn't last too long. Overall, I'd wear the original Lacoste for summer. Nice and sporty lemon.

    I haven't tried Eau de Rochas yet.
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