• Hi, I'm trying to inquire about your bottle of Daim Blond, but I seem to be restricted to the ability to message people since this is a new account. This seems to be the only way I can contact you at the moment, so if you could send me a PM so we can talk I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks - absolutely fantastic :thumbsup:

    I’ve sampled it in-store once before - nothing about it sticks with me particularly, but I was smelling a bunch of stuff that day and haven’t gotten back to it since. I always gravitate toward the more experimental CdGs, I tend to forget about their relatively more “normal” offerings. But looking up the note pyramid again now, it seems like something I’d enjoy.
    I will probably get the current EdH, too! I have clear-cap and copper-top, and I definitely prefer clear-cap.

    Yes, I hope to let my designer love run wild. There are things I need to sample! This could get interesting.

    As for social media, Facebook is probably best for fragrance - at least it was 10 years ago - but BN is still superior despite the ancient tech.

    Conservative or liberal, I just want to love all fragrance lovers. I almost had to give it up. We don't appreciate what we have in fragrance, until we almost lose it. Yes, it's stupid - and yet it weaves itself through history and human experience because it factors out all the contentious and worthless/important/worthless crap.

    LOL! Sorry - I'm on a tear! Calm down, Red! :grin::thumbsup::rolleyesold::wink::evil:
    Thank you!!! I went through a phase of not wanting to talk about fragrance, but I think it has passed. It happens every few years. Eau d'Hermès is the dirty rotten scoundrel responsible for finally making me talk! :thumbsup:
    Thanks! Sorry not into cricket, & I don't know Sam Smith beers, but I do drink bitter when the pubs are open. My favourites are London Pride & John Smiths. At home I usually drink wine! :beer:
    Thank you, I appreciate! Mods should REALLY chill out...seriously... banned for having reported a post that anyone would find racist? Wow....
    Oh my gosh we share a birthday??? I was totally clocked-out of Basenotes that week because I took vacation then as well, so sorry I missed this! Message me anytime!
    Happy Birthday freewheeling :birthdays:
    Thanks, freewheelin'! :smiley: Yes, most of the pubs have been open for a few weeks now.
    It’s good to hear from you. I’m doing good here. It’s a scary to be working at a hospital, but I just take it day by day. We’re seeing a lot of COVID patients, but luckily my family and I are still healthy. Hopefully everything is good for you and you and your loved ones are healthy. You need to hurry up and move back to Phoenix so I can buy more fragrances from you ...lol.
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