• Parkxi, If you feel confident in slipping a 5 dollar bill though the mail, alright. I usually purchase a money order at the local post office. I cleared out a bunch of junk in my inbox. Try mailing again, ok? I'll message you mine.
    Your inbox is full, and I do not feel comfortable writing my address down in public.
    Just shoot me an e-mail when you finally clear your inbox and I'll send you my mailing address!

    By the way,

    I'm a bit confused though with the money order. Would you like me to simply put 5 dollars cash with the polo blue when I send it? I am not familiar with "money order" I usually just do transactions with paypal.

    By mail. Yes, a money order for $5 and the Polo Blue and I'll swap the Ralph Lauren Romance Silver and the Davidoff Silver Shadow to you. How about that? Just email me your address and I might be able to get the package out tomorrow morning.

    oh I'm sorry, I just read this incorrectly. How would you like to receive the 5$ for shipping costs? Mail or Paypal?
    I'm a bit confused with what you are saying.
    Do you want to swap with 5$ shipping costs, or are you only selling for cash?

    I am interested in buying the romance silver ralph lauren and Davidoff silver shadow. Are they still available?

    or perhaps trading polo blue for romance silver and buying the davidoff silver shadow?
    Hey there buddy. It's been over a week since I heard from you and I was just starting to get a little concerned about the package. Did you get the chance to put it in the mail?
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