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    Foustie, wish you a very happy birthday!!! Hope you are wearing perfume and having fun, and wish you a wonderful year ahead!!! :smiley:
    :birthdays::beer: Happy, happy Birthday, dear Sister-in-l'Eau! I hope you're having a great day and are being wonderfully spoiled. Will be raising a toast to you shortly, dear gel!
    Just thinking of you at work and wanting to wish you Merry Christmas! May 2016 bring you all the blessings you so deserve. Enjoy your festivities tomorrow, darlin'!
    Foustie, I have not tried the EDP of Via Camerelle, but can see it eventually making it into my collection once the EDT is empty.
    Hi my dear Lynn, so happy to hear about you, I've been staying in London for two months (and probably will die here)... :)..., well, I'm going to review soon Rose de Taif, i just tell you that is the one from Perris Montecarlo I enjoy most, a great sharp rose scent. Kisses and kisses again for you.
    Yes my dear, Sahara Noir is a mysterious misty-resinous blend of spices and incense, wonderful, a huge kiss for you tesoro. Kisses from the enchanting Istanbul (I'm here at moment). Baci baci.
    Hi Foustie, sorry, I've not been on Basenotes for over 6 months, so I only just saw ur visitor msg. I've no idea what's happening to my Oriza thread, a pity because it had some good stuff on it.
    Ha ha, I see my friend G. decided to congratulate you here, too! Great minds think alike ;)
    Anyway, my warmest heartfelt wishes for a wonderful day and blissful year lying ahead for you, Foustie!
    A big kiss & hug <3
    I did sweetie, thank you. I think the bottle you're talking about looks like this right?
    Foustie!!! I have so much accumulated stuff to get out of the way for the weekend kick off showing. Ack! :shocked: I am one of those people who become attached to their clutter, so I am standing in the middle of the room...what do I do, what do I do first. Panic stricken. Congratulations on your own move! You must feel relieved to have the hard part behind you now. :) xoxoxo
    Thanks for letting me know. Plus, I already enjoy Prada Amber and it's also on my wishlist.

    Thanks again.
    Hi there! At the moment it's gray and we have a snow + rain now. So very not spring yet. We still have to wait for the season to come here. You're invited :) And I'll be happy to give you a tour around :)
    Caligna is very mediterranean, similar to Un Jardin Sur le Nil from Hermes, not really my kind of stuff.
    Dear Foustie, I hope you are having a most wonderful day! Let me add my best birthday wishes for you. Do enjoy your new house and your fragrant flings! :) :kiss: :kiss:
    Happy Birthday auntie Foustie! Have a well scented day and another perfumed year ahead of you!
    :birthdays: Happy, happy birthday, my darling gel! I hope you have a wonderful birthday in the new home! How I wish I could toast you in person! Much love and big, tight hugs to you!
    Oh, you know I've been missing you constantly! But I don't mind because I know you're busy with great things! I hope the new home will be absolutely filled with joy and happy times! Looking very forward to seeing more of you!
    I used almost half of my lunch break searching for a suitable image to depict Tam Dao so I'm glad you liked the photo. I found some gorgeous pictures of tropical forests and just couldn't stop googling, then accidentally bumped into the pic you saw (it's from Adare Manor in Limerick!)

    Tam Dao is indeed very recognisable and delightful. :)
    Sure! Blackberry and Bay..lacked something. I haven't sniffed it in a while, I gave away my sample. But I was so not impressed. TVP is more complex and the currant note is really strong. If you try it, let us know what you think!
    You smell great today! Kiss My Name is such a joyful perfume! I'm really enjoying my sample.
    Mum well thanks. Radiotherapy next. Good luck with the new house thing.... How wonderful, no clutter.....till you unpack it.... What should be a moving perfume I wonder.... I've still got some samples for you but i'll wait till you're in.
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