• Hey Freddie, just read in your blog that you enjoy and are planning on buying 100% Love sometime... would you like my bottle of Rose Rebelle (it's the same juice)? I'd give it to you for free, of course, and actually would be thankful for you to take it off my hands - it makes my stomach churn, lol!
    I'm not averse to the free champagne and goody bags at all! Just don't hold out my hopes. Cool. Chat, chat, sniff, sniff, shop, shop, drinks, laughs. Next Spring. Low key. Next time Paris!
    I would be in for a UK meet. Our American friends are so organised though with receptions and all lovely things. I can't imagine us getting that level of Hospitality. Maybe we could just all meet down the pub!
    you can also send them an email and they'll send you all collection in solid perfume form - you would be able to try it on your own
    Hiya! I really enjoyed the Bex London. Two in particular, the Iris and the salty vetiver. I posted about them on the last three SOTD's. Thank You for allowing me the privilege!
    Hi, I just read your post about the perfume you created. I live in Athens Greece and I am an amateur (well, very amateur lol) perfumer myself, gathering Infos and perfumery knowledge mainly from books and the net, and I would be happy if I could exchange one or more of my creations with someone that shares the same interests, for fun and of course for having a second opinion about them. If you are interested please pm me.
    Thanks, Nikos
    Hey Freddie,
    Thanks for the friend request - the pleasure's mine.
    Good to meet you on Sunday too. Have you been wearing your Eau de Freddie ?
    All the best mate.
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