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  • Well, would you like to be my first new friend of the newly established old basenotes? I just have to figure out how to do it ...crazy the things you can forget how to do in a few months, huh? ;)
    I find it somewhat common in it's current status. Houbigant is *NOT* what it should be--in the genre I much prefer "Ombre Rose." You should smell the MESS they package and sell as "Fougere Royale" -- common as mud.
    I tried Sous Le Vent recently, courtesy of Larimar. I liked it a lot, but it just seemed too weak / expensive. I'd have to apply like it's an EdC. Derby is like SLVs rougher brother - stronger and grungier. More my thing.

    I can barely recognize Mitsouko as a chypre, so who am I to say? I'm still in perfume grade school. The classic Guerlain chypres are so soft and "Guerlainic" that I have trouble recognizing the structure, I suppose. Now Chamade, SLV and Derby - those are pretty obvious, even to me. Have you tried Chamade?
    Chypres have become my thing lately. I can't get enough of them! I'm probably going to end up getting a bee of Derby before long - I may try to get a split going for a 1000ml if I can find the motivation.

    Wait - VdN is a chypre? I thought it was sort of an oriental with an aldehydic opening. It seems very soft and sweet for a chypre, not that I'm an expert.
    You're wearing VdN! I just happened to check my SoTD and saw you at the top of the list. Which one? Coincidentally, I just got a bottle of the parfum - a tester. I just discovered it recently - another drop-dead gorgeous JG composition...

    I'm glad you like the Kilians. :). I hoped you would. Bravo! on getting back on the dance floor. Is the arm back to 100%? You need to be careful when doing those airflares.

    Thanks for the extra samples, too - especially the FdE. That stuff is like liquid gold. :)
    Thanks for the feedback Fleurine. What did you think of the Hairy Taj :) and the Habanita?
    Hi Fleurine! Thanks for saying hi! I like my sig too:D. Have a great day and thanks!:D.
    Hi Fleurine! Thanks for saying hi! I like my sig too:D. Have a great day and thanks!:D.
    That’s a great story. Thank God for ebay! No, I haven’t tried Rosine’s muguet. I’ve tried quite a few muguets, though. In our old house we had lilies of the valley that came into bloom in May. There is no muguet perfume as exquisite as the real living thing. :)
    By the way, did you ever find any L’Ombre Rose? I can send you a sample of the current version edt, as I still have one left (somewhere, I’ll dig it out!). However, I think you’d do better with vintage if you can find some in nice shape, the parfum I mean. I was disappointed in this current thing.
    Thank you! That is a sweet one you’ve posted. How are you?
    I don't remember "Pavlova." I remember the bottle, but I have no idea how it smelled. You'd better mind those cats, Dear! No underestimating the cunning, sisterly techniques of my Grisette and Lambasle (the Marquise) They are ferocious killers, and no cat has ever dared to even begin to fight back. Sisters are like that: When they grow up together, there's no stopping their working in expert synergy.....I'm still trying to dissect FILLE D'EVE......
    air mdm allows free roam to animals, provided they don't annoy dachshunds, which typically stay put in mdm's dressing room. Access to the hello kitty cabin, as well as all cabins other than the gd-h quarters is strictly limited to cocottes and hors concours passengers. Thank you for flying air mdm.
    OMG! there's SUCH a "Ricci-ade!" you can't think! Ricci, to me, made some of the most exquisite perfumes in the world. Unfortunately, though, none of them are remotely as they should be nowadays: I knew all of them so well because my mother was a "Ricci Only" type--the big numbers on Ricci are:
    L'Air du Temps--a soft peppery gardenia--totally singular--very attractive to men
    Coeur-Joie--a soft peppery carnation rose floral with musk
    Farouche--a soft, dreamy, romantic aldehydic abstract
    Capricci--a kind of "Joy" that's softer and more powdery
    Fille d'Eve--the odd one out--probably the least "ricci-esque" of all of them--a kind of chypre but very original and even somewhat shocking: It's a Germaine Cellier comp: all of her perfumes were slightly bizarre.
    Oh! Dear! So, I answered your question on MY profile page......I am hungover! PS: #160 Bal de Mai is merely an healthy lip colour: Like childrens lips--and the finish is neither matte nor shiny: It's utterly butterly and it tastes good too because I like to taste it on some very special lips! (plus, because it's a natural lip colour, if I get it on my lips, you can't tell) #161 is a touch deeper, but is also a natural lip colour. Everyone I know who i have recommended these to now has thrown away all their chanels and ysl's & armanis: Apparently, nothing else makes your lips "behave" like this. I wish they made clear balm because then I'd use it. Already, I feel my lips have too much colour naturally....without my beard I look like the Joker. It's scary.
    Hello there, Fleurine! :) I bought a couple of samples of the current formulation called "L'Original" from ebay. It's edt, I believe. It's pleasant, but not what I recall from the 1980s when I last wore it (a long time ago!). This new version reminds me of baby oil at first, not bad, but you know...just baby oil. It got better with time on skin, but didn't seem as rich and honeyed as I recall -- if I am not imagining things, as I said it's been a long time. I had both the parfum and edt back then. I haven't tried the current parfum, it might still be nice. If I were you, I'd order samples first before making an online purchase. It's easy to find on ebay. And I would think you could get samples on the perfumed court, whatever it's called, or one of those places. I like perfumed court. Hope this helps!
    It is amazing how much less cool James Dean looks with those glasses! I haven't seen Giant, but I really should. It was filmed in one of my favorite parts of Texas - the area around Big Bend. The production basically took over the town of Marfa, which I think probably has more tumbleweeds than people.
    Fleurine - where the blazes did you dig that up, and what is it?! Liz Taylor on the set of National Velvet? If so, California, I guess (or maybe Kentucky?). She seems too old in the pic though ...

    Anyway, because you've reactivated my Audrey Hepburn obsession, and I imagine you walking around Manhattan looking fabulous ...

    I LOVE GUSTAVE CAILLEBOTTE!!!!!! -and- needless to say, "les Cireurs" is one of my all time favourites. The "real" cireurs, though, wear ugly grey zip up the front jumpsuits, don't drink wine, sometimes smoke cigarettes on your balcony, and are not nearly as attractive as the ones shown in the painting. Lasso is missing because it was produced only a short while, and was never a success commercially. It is a strange, forgotten scent, as depicted: Very much a bee's wax type "petrole" vibe, a bit like Tabac Blond, minus the butch CRS police woman virility.
    MY RECIPE FOR FEELING LIKE MARIE ANTOINETTE: Into an hot bath, sprinkle an half box-full of powdered milk, or an whole box, if you're feeling decadent. Mix this up with your foot, or better yet, ask the Maid to do it. Once you're nicely settled in, put in a drop of your favourite "Old Style" bath oil, of which currently on the market is to be found only Estee Lauder's Youth Dew, ("bath oil" sold in 1oz bottles to this day) which, having been initially a bath oil, and not a perfume, is quite delicious when used as such.
    It is, indeed: AND, I also know who's coat she's wearing. It's Burberry. I've got better: I also know who's shoes she's wearing. They are Roger Vivier. Any more questions?
    Furthermore, on the subject of "Royal Bain de Champagne," this was created by Ernest Daltroff on special order by a prominent figure of European Aristocracy who wished for a product that would allow him to feel as though he were bathing in Champagne, Marie-Antoinette style. (She bathed only in fresh cows milk, or champagne. No one ever bathed in water, then.) Interestingly, I just scored an huge 17oz bottle, sealed, on evil-bay last night. This is not an oil, and never has been: You're meant to simply pour a good amount into your bath water, or use it as a refreshing, cleansing splash: It is quite singular in the "Caron" library. Worn as an eau fraiche, I liken its scent to that waking up in a bed of clover.
    Sorry, Dearest. I'm in a muddle: I'm somewhat upset with a certain gesture on the part of a certain team member of a certain web-site. Naturally, I wouldn't drop a name. I've calmed down now....a bit....though still fuming: Re-phrase below as:

    "Why, naturally you recognize Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy, and of course, Audrey: They were great friends. Such a Dashing couple, too. Pity Monsieur de Givenchy was just a wee bit too gay for that to work out, but, visually, it was perfection: Both were icons of beauty in their time."


    HINT: One is wearing "L'interdit," and the other created it expressly for that wearer. Who are they, now?
    FLEURINE!!!!!!! is that irony??????????????????? (Imagine le MDM screaming in fury.) It's Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hephern. Most definitely a couple. Not, however, a "real french couple--pray: How could you not know that? (non-condescending gentle loving professor-like tantrum here, rest assured.)
    Hey, Fleurine - I did pop open the RBDC. I dabbed a little on the back of my hand, amd my first impression is that it definitely has that Caron feel. The waxy jasmine iris Caronade base is the first thing I noticed. I seem to be hypersensitive to this, as all the Carons smell like this to me at first until I get attuned to their differences.

    I dribbled some into the bath with my kiddos to try it that way. It wasn't very strong in the bath, but it was a bubble bath, and I think maybe the bubbles trap the scent. My little monsters came out of the bath delicately scented - kind of a pale green floral is the best way I can describe it, but I'm sure my perceptions will change as I learn it better.

    As a GD, I'm sure you will appreciate it, and it's dirt cheap even in the vintage. Just do it! I'll trade you decants so we can compare the old and new. It'll be fun!
    I wish I could do the photo thing that seems to come so easily to some of the members...the sample of Apege came for a 2 inch square bottle marked parfum , which was part of a set with a larger bottle of EDT.
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