• Hi Evangeline, long time no see! l heard a rumour you'd been lurking, & l see it's true! Please do pop in to the SOTD thread & say hi. A lot of us here miss you & still think of you fondly. Take a look at today's Synchronised Fridays thread, & you'll see what l mean.
    Hi teardrop! (It's Catherine, as I recall, right?) Yes, I've been tiptoeing around, trying to see if the coast is clear, lol. Updating my wardrobe has been a tedious beast, hence my lurking. So how are you doing these days? I'd imagine life and work's been extra rough on you lately.
    You have a good memory! Yes it's been tough, but we try to make the most of those little things that make life worth living, such as basenotes! l finished my degree in the midst of it, & l don't know how l did it, but now l'm enjoying being a bit lazy when l'm not at work. Did everything work out for you in France? l hope you & yours are all safe & well, & it's wonderful to hear from you! xx
    Happy wedding anniversary, my friend! Have a wonderful day and many wonderful following years!
    Of course we have been friends a long time! And I never check my visitors messages... I need to be more attentive.
    Thank you for your input, yes we'll see how it goes. Also an update I also bought her Coco edt and Body Cream.
    I also felt career wasn't the right term, but if you love what you do, job doesn't work either! :) My wife loves perfume as well, but doesn't ever buy for herself. She works for Colonial Williamsburg and wears 18th century clothing to work every day, so she tries to stay a bit understated during the day fragrance wise as strong scents are not quite as necessary in the 21st century. She currently wears "Love in White" daily, but also has Chanel No. 5. When she was in her 30s, she wore Youth Dew, which I really didn't care for all that much. This year for Christmas I have gotten her Shalimar Parfum, and Mitsouko EdP as a start. Any suggestions on future direction would be appreciated. Oh, and one other thing, she is heavily packaging driven and seems to prefer the classic bottle designs. Have a great day.
    Its a pleasure to meet you as well, I found your career to be very interesting as I am the new board president for a local dance academy here in Williamsburg, Institute for Dance (I Dance). Always nice to be able to get a female perspective on fragrance, especially when buying gifts.
    Thanks for the friendship...I can't believe how good Caline is...such a well kept secret. :dankk2:
    ciao! busy with all the joys and troubles of life, waiting for this neverendng winter to fade away!
    I had jambalaya with wild caught catfish (not farmed, which I was happy about), so pretty standard fare for NOLA I think, but yes it was very tasty! It was the genuinely warm welcome that I remember best. :) They were like, "sure, come on in, we're not closed yet," and they were so friendly and sociable, and the vibe was very laid back. I liked it and I'll go back next time I'm there.
    Hi, there, Evangeline! I loved that mask, too. It isn't *mine*, just a photo I found online. It's funny, but I was looking at the eucalyptus, too, thinking..."hmm...that works well there", so great minds think alike. :) I hope you had a great time. I've been meaning to tell you, we went to a bar/restaurant called Evangeline on Decatur Street when we were there for Christmas. It was the only place open late on our last night. They were so nice in there, the bartender and the owner. No problem for them to feed us late. The kitchens everyplace else were closing. Anyway, the name made me think of you! xoxo
    Hi, E.! I see we managed to break out from under the Chanel spell today! But I had to tell you, I adore that moisture mist you wearing yesterday! One of my favorite No.5 products, I've even been accumulating a back up stash of it. As always, you were one fine-smellin' lady yesterday!
    Dear Evangeline,

    Thank you for the friend request gratefully accepted. I haven't seen your comments on the Dior Addict ads truth be told I am not very active on Basenotes as I find it quite slow either that or it's down for maintenance.

    These adverts are more my thing link , link but I couldn't tell who they were by possibly the René Gruau? They appear to be in the same style. I won't waste anymore of your time thank you again and I hope to see your around the forum.

    Best Wishes,

    Dear Evangeline,

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the Dior illustration. I just love the old Dior ads and I hadn't seen that before. :dankk2:
    Evangeline. Ha! You have discovered Shalimar Parfum Initial! Isn't it gorgeous? I just read your incredible appraisal in the "Rave..." thread. My word you have nailed it!! I really, really enjoyed your post.
    Dearest Evangeline- thank you very very much for the lovely message. It made my day ! :) Oh hugs , you sweetie ! :)
    Ηi Evangeline! I hope all is well for you!

    I neglect posting on Basenotes lately but I am thinking of all my friends here!
    A lot happened this month, elections in Greece, my daughter took her final exams, we went to the feast for her graduation, et.c.
    Living here is like riding a rail coaster, I hope we will reach to the end soon, whichever end this is going to be...
    Glad you enjoyed the reviews! :) Caramel Alien is definitely worth a try. And l agree the Essence Absolue sounds promising indeed, l am very excited about this one, & l hope it will qualify for the name Alien Incense!
    Lol at Alien Beach Lemon; l will have to try that combo myself! :) xx
    Hi Evangeline! Just to let you know that inspired by you l've been sampling several Alien flankers over the last week; see the Sample of the Day thread if you'd like to know my impressions!
    Hope all is well with you xx
    I'm fine, thanks for asking! Today I'm bumming. Been to the photographer to have my diploma photo taken, then I did a little shopping. I don't really like to laze, I prefer to keep my hands busy. Considering to go for a bike ride after dinner.

    What holiday plans have you already made? That's great to know that once you get back the children will be waiting to continue their ballet classes with you after the summer is over.

    I bet you will catch me later :)
    How are doing today? Pictures of Chanel No 22 look stunning, little art masterpieces. I'm wishing you a wonderful time during today's ballet class. I know you'll miss it during the summer break, hope that you'll find another interesting activity to fill that time
    You smell great today sweetheart! I'm a big fan of Le Labo Iris 39 myself. Decided to stock money to get a bottle. I have a sample of Iris Oriental too, but it didn't impress me as much as Iris 39 did!
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