• Thank You for the review of Hadrien Absolu ericrico. It sounds wonderful. I have had both Hadrien and Sud in the past, and I loved them both. Clear and sharp and uplifting, uncluttered and clever. Recently I've found them, (the Eux at least), to be shadows of their former selves. The Hadrien Absolu sounds like it just might do the trick! Here's to the Sud Absolu.....
    Love your reviews, perspectives and opinions. They are much appreciated and have been of great help. You are a true asset to the Basenotes Community. Thanks so much
    Dear Eric,
    an afternoon of lucky finds: your fav YSL PH Vintage, a 3 boxes batch of Tuscany per Uomo Vintage, Eau de Rochas Man and I know what you think Tom Ford Extreme, YSL collection M7
    Hi Eric, what can you tell me of Johnny lambs by Pikens, keep finding it in forgotten shops?1 Ciao and thanx!
    Hi Eric1 got a huge bottle of Loewe para hombre, the box has got 1978 printed on serial number, time travel!
    have a nice weekend mate! I'll be offline for a while. I'll let you know if Oscar is vintage. I have found a little shop online from the heart of Tuscany that is like a little gold mine and so i avoid ebay intl taxes and so on. ciao!
    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - August 2012

    Varvatos by Varvatos
    Another 125 ml bottle of Versailles PH by Joan Desprez

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oscar De la Renta pour Lui edt 124 ml bottle
    Basile Uomo vintage EDT

    Ericrico you would be proud of me!
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