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  • I have the same cologne and deo from macy. Infact Versace set. I swiped two clicks for each armpit and spray one in each armpit. Once done, I rubbed my finger in my armpits for the deo and cologne for a good scent. I don't know if this is helpful or will my arms produce too much smells. I need help.
    Am new on this site. I have a question and need help. I used the sa.e cologne and deodorant from macy. I swiped my deodorant twice in each armpit and spray the cologne on top of each armpit. After am done, I rubbed my .armpits. Is this the best way to smell nice or avoid any stinks?
    I am new to forums and made some mistakes posting. Could you please help me fix my post? I mistakenly posted the same post 4 times yesterday at 2:18, 2:13, 2:10 & 2:06. Could you please move the 2:18 post to the Perfume bottle collections or the Off topic forum? And could you please delete the repeats? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
    Hey Russell,

    Remember me? Guess who's back? (well, kinda). How's goin buddy? How's life treatin ya these years?

    Hi! I'm mailing you because the inbox of the marketplace mod is full...

    I signed up for Basenotes years ago, but with an email I can no longer access, and I forgot my password, so I signed up again last year. I've now been a member (for the second time) for over a year, but I still can't post in the marketplace forum....any idea why? =( Thanks
    Hello . I was wondering if you knew any local perfume makers who would like to use my Hypnotizing.com as a website? Currently there is no website but I want to help out a local perfume maker. I know the domain is a great name for perfume. I am not asking for money but just to invest in someones creation.
    So if you know someone who could benefit and has a great fragrance kindly email me at brad@HydrogenLLC.com
    Thank you.
    Brad Morehouse
    Congrats again EnvYus! Seems it was a year ago today since I last visited your profile. Happy B'day!
    Is there any way to move a thread from "Just Starting Out" to "Male Fragrance Discussion"? I'm hoping that it will get more views there.
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