• INEKE. Thank You. They don't ship to UK but I have found a Swedish Company who stock the sample set and they are on the way. Yup , new Avatar. I know that my old one was really boring but I was attached to her, but then I noticed that SHE wasn't getting any older. Ha ha, Thank You, Foustie
    Thank You for your kind response to my efforts at a blog!! AND I am going to thank you twice because now I have discovered your blogs and I am really enjoying them. Your experiments are really interesting.

    In answer to your question about whether the old fragrances smell anything like the wee card. No, not at all. All three oldies are very rich and resinous. The wee card was also rich but much brighter. A different style I would think, being maybe forty years between them.

    Looking forward to having the time to read your articles, Foustie
    Hello, all,
    I seem to be fully recovered from my hip surgery. I've been playing golf, doing a little gardening & trying to notice more smells of the great outdoors. More later.
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Sorry I have been absent for such a long while. I have just been so overwhelmed with working on the house. Hopefully we will be moved in before the end of April. Then I will have more "me" time and will be a much more regular presence on BN.
    Take care Ed.
    Thanks, all. I have mixed feelings about orthopedics. It took a long time to get a clear diagnosis. But the modern hip replacement surgery is really wonderful. I took last Friday off and played 9 holes of golf. And I walked the course. I played badly, but not more badly than the first time every year. What I tell people is, "I had no hip problems. I didn't fall down screaming even once. it was a success."
    Hi and a very happy belated birthday. Glad you are recovering well... Selky:beer:
    Happy Birthday, Ed! I'm glad to see you are recovering well, and I hope today is an exceptionally good day!

    Best wishes, L
    :birthdays::birthdays:Dear Ed, I wish you a very happy birthday and much good health this year. Thanks for being a great friend . Thinking of you ! :) :)

    Love always
    M ! XXX
    My recovery continues well. I was cleared to return to work and to driving at 11:30, Monday morning the 1st. By 1:00 I had driven to work. I am so delighted to be back at work (the Food Network is nice, but...) that I'm happy to do just about any job around. Over the last two weeks my stamina has improved, I limp less often, and I can walk further.

    I'm now playing coach to a friend who had his hip resurfaced on Wed., the 10th. If any of you have to go through this, let me know & I'll provide any help I can.
    Thanks for the good wishes and keep your fingers crossed for me. I have my 6 week post-op visit with my surgeon tomorrow. I expect he'll clear me to resume driving and to go back to work. I've been pain free and off pain pills for 3 weeks. I've been walking our dog, Lisl, around the neighborhood or walking on a treadmill everyday for 2 weeks. And US daytime TV is getting really boring. Thank goodness for BN and a whole bunch of samples that we're still working our way through.

    Accupuncture is an interesting subject. I've tried it twice over the years, once with success and once (for hip pain) without. I'm going to move over to the Off Topic Discussion and start a thread on Accupuncture. I'm very interested in others' experiences.
    I can't help but to pause reading your blog to write to you again. You mention there the fact that you have hip pain. I simply want to say that, last year, I injured myself during martial art training. In fact, the accident had left me unable to stand straight or walk. As both my lower back and left hip were agonizingly painful, I had to be carried to a clinic.
    This was the day I discovered acupuncture. The thought of having needles planted on me used to be unbearable to me. That day I told myself that a few needles probably would never be as painful as what I was feeling. I was right; I almost didn’t feel the needles. What is amazing to me is that, after my very first visit, I was almost cured! I was asked to return the following day. After that, my back was fully healed!
    I’d be delighted if it could be of help to you. Who knows, perhaps monthly or bi-monthly visits to the acupuncturist would rid you of the pain?
    I've just recently started reading "My Nose is Growing". I must say that I find it captivating. Coming from a background in which humanities and arts where central, I find your scientific perspective on fragrances not only of originality but also quite educating. Thank you for this too, ECaruthers.
    Just wanted to say hello. Been busy studying for my certification test next Saturday. Miss my BN friends terribly. Give my best to Kitty, Sandi, and Lisl!
    Hi E,

    I think we all tend to wear perfumes as comfort scents, to some degree. I know with the force of winter and stress in the workplace, I tend to choose everything based on comfort lately. I will often pick an aromatherapy oil or 3-4 :) and combine them with a carrier oil ( I choose almond or passion fruit seed because I have them available ) and rub them into my skin and hair before bed. I find this very calming and centering. Perhaps this will work for you in your recovery.
    Hi E ! Thanks very much and a very happy new year to you too ,my friend !
    Oh the avatar album is driving me nuts right now because some of the pictures are showing up and some aren't ...it will be sorted out soon !
    I'm home and the owner of a brand new hip. I actually got home yesterday, less than 3 days after I went in. But I was logged out of BN and confused by the upgrade (and maybe a few residual pain killers ) and couldn't get back on until today.

    Modern medicine is a amazing. 40 years ago an aunt of mine fell and broke her hip. She had to stay in bed for the rest of her life, which was only about 3 years. Now - in and out in 53 hours! The health care reform I want is twice as many well trained doctors.
    Thanks for your offer of friendship. Accepted! Glad to see your pics showed up, too!
    Hi there - I made an album for my avatars and dedicated it to you - your great idea. I gotta search for some of my old avatars ...........
    Hi! from the old London Cockney rhyming slang. 'butcher's hook' = look. So, well worth a look. :)
    Hi there !
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and for thinking of me ! :)
    I am going to wear vintage Mitsouko all day !
    Thanks for thinking of me! Hope your holiday went well and that you are feeling well soon. B-day isn't far from your btw...April 3rd. Have a great holiday!
    Thanks, Ed! It was a while earlier (I'm a Libra, but I don't leave a more specific date online - multiple attempted ID thefts...:rolleyes:...I try to make it at least slightly hard...;)).

    Nevertheless, I do appreciate the birthday wishes! :D THANKS!!!
    I will definitely keep you posted on Enchante thanks. He's getting ready to order some new stuff...very cool.
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