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    Pws eisai Mitsooooo!? Xronia polla, by the way :)
    Hi Dimitrios,
    Thought you may be interested to join the group Collectors of discontinued and rare fragrances ?
    Dimitrios, I got your message but I cannot send you a reply because your inbox is full. I tried to send you a message to your private e -mail address to no avail, I could not find it.

    My postal address is the same, hope everyhting is fine. Get back soon!

    Regards! Plx
    Pou eisai Mitsara? Hathikes!
    Thanks for having added me.
    Have a brill day,
    Dear Sir,

    I've noticed you're an enthusiast of Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills.

    Could you please kindly tell me if the re-launched fragrance is still as strong as it was back in the 1990s when I used to wear it? I recall it would leave a gorgeous trail and I got many compliments on it.
    Would you say it works the same today? Is it true that the formula was altered?

    I'm also considering an A*Men purchase but something tells me Giorgio holds on for much longer. Let alone, I think its formula is more original than that of A*Men.
    I'm curious to read your opinion.

    Do pardon my strangled English. I work as a translator but, busy as I've been, I don't get many opportunities to actually TALK to people.

    Kindest regards,
    Hey, Dimitrios.......I just got my bottle of Cadillac EDT. Very nice frag! Read my post on the Cadillac Fragrance thread!

    Cheers! SillageMonger
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